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  1. NorthernBloke

    Dynojet kits gsx1100

    Hi not sure on the exact model you should use but would expect a stage 3 kit for the Bandit to be the right one as long as the carbs are from a bandit bandit. Also I believe the stage 3 kits were for bikes with "free flowing" exhausts and pod filters. So if that's what you have you should be in the right ball park, obviously some adjustments are likely to be required.
  2. Thanks FJBJ40 really appreciate all the pictures, I'll start taking my standard bits off soon and do some proper measuring, it really helps to have your pictures to compare to.
  3. NorthernBloke

    ET planning.

    Sounds great, Makes sense ref the carbs / injectors and that way you can keep the standard air-box as long as the fuel rail is out of sight your sorted. Also ref the forks your right sounds like similar money to the usual front end swaps. Good luck and keep us all posted I'm watching this one with interest.
  4. NorthernBloke

    1100 EFE CDI

    Are new units easily available ? just wondering because as you say you could replace all the visible components yourself for about a tenner if you were really desperate, assuming you can get at the solder side of the pcb ( circuit board ) also assuming you can find out whats behind the metal plate. All the visible components have the type / value or rating on them and someone familiar with electronics could spec them for you.
  5. NorthernBloke

    1984 GSx750E

    Hi as you say all bikes are different and it depends on how free flowing your slip ons are, do you have the make or a picture as someone else may already have them? I went to just a V&H pipe on my 1100 and kept the standard airbox and filter and I ended up going up 4 sizes on main jets and 2 on the pilots, if you're going for pods as well you might be better off getting a stage 3 dynojet kit? Anyway I'm sure someone who has done this will be along soon. It would be interesting for you to upate us once you have it finished tomorrow.
  6. NorthernBloke

    ET planning.

    I like this idea as well but I bet its not that easy to keep some of these things hidden. How far are you going to take it i.e. how "standard " does it need to look to the average peron or to an enthusiast? Depending on how far you want to take it you could go to newer RWU forks with cartridges in them and the average Joe wouldn't notice. Good Luck with it.
  7. Thanks for the advice, are you refering to the type of 530 chain i.e. X ring, O ring and none O ring or variation by different brands? But as you say I need to find a chain specialists where I can measure different ones if possible.
  8. Thanks guys but I’m still confused as all the gs500 ones I can see seem to be 5 sections and my RF wheel is 6, I also looked at SV ones and they seem to be 5 as well?
  9. Hello Peeps, I normally hang out in the aircooled section as I run a GSX1100 but I'm looking to fit a 5.5 inch rear wheel to it and have one from an RF900. Ive been advised to run my GSX sprocket carrier which may need some machining for chain clearence however before I do I did wonder if a RF900 carrier would make things easier so wondered if anyone has one to hand and could tell me how deep it is from the sprocket mounting flange to the opposite side that seats against the wheel hub? Also are there other sprocket carriers the same fitting as the RF900 one e.g Blandit etc? Cheers in advance.
  10. NorthernBloke

    Aircooled - Fuel Injection?

    Thanks Blubber, I'll do some more research.
  11. NorthernBloke

    Aircooled - Fuel Injection?

    Thanks everyone, I'm glad I asked as it sounds like the right thing to do and I'm not way off with my thinking, anyway a few more questions if I may. There are a clean set of GPZ11 TB's on Eblag now so in terms of injectors does anyone know if they will take modern injectors or are they physically different to modern ones? and is it just the impedance and the age / wear on the current ones that could be an issue? Also ref the Ignition side is there a lot to be gained over the standard electronic ignition, is there much fine tuning to be done on this side of things apart from adding in Advance for more power? Cheers guys keep the good info coming.
  12. NorthernBloke

    Fatty & Yoshi.....

    It's a shame to have them laid up for so long, how come?
  13. NorthernBloke

    Aircooled - Fuel Injection?

    Anyone gone FI on a standard aircooled GSX that's N/A ? I'm thinking ahead again ( as usuall ) and given that fiddling around with old carbs and the standard airbox is a royal pain in the A** thought about going FI. Given that flat slides are expensive and still need jetting and filters of some kind you're in for a grand so wondered if I could do FI for less? I'm good with electrics so I'm not worried about that side of it and I've been through all the Turbo build threads so understand whats involved, so its really about which throttle bodies to use etc. does anyone know of any TB's that match my GSX 1100 port spacing or that have the same o/d on the inlets that would fit my carb rubbers. Can you go to big on the TB's as Ive seen a set of early Busa ones going cheap. Can I retain my standard electronic ignition and just take a feed from this to feed the fueling to keep it simple rather than going for a trigger wheel or would that be required for the fuel side only assuming I use a magasquirt or similar. Lastly I'm assuming this setup would be as good as a set of well adjusted flat slides or am I wasting my time? ps I like this idea as it has room to grow if the engine gets tuned in the future I can just re-map or put bigger injectors in etc.
  14. NorthernBloke


    Yes it really needs the side panels as well as the bottom rear of the tank comes down quite a lot, here's a picture;
  15. Great idea ref turning down the sprockets, didn't think of that. Think I'll stick with the 170 tyre as I do want it relatively wide and go for the 530 sprockets and will then measue up before I get a chain that way if its tight I can look at turning them down to 520 width. From what I can tell a top quality 520 chain would be okay for a standard GSX ?