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  1. YoshiJohnny

    Awesome aircooled pictures

  2. YoshiJohnny

    “Invisible” enginetuning

    most bikes that go to Slick come back making less than they did when they went... Tenkate let him go after a few days when he went to work for them after Foggy packed in... I used to get 128 bhp at the wheel from a standard RSV/Mille with cans and a power commander
  3. YoshiJohnny

    Vance & Hines powerpak

    certainly not....
  4. YoshiJohnny

    Vance & Hines powerpak

    stick a blue face on the seat...it will go VERY fast
  5. YoshiJohnny

    Vance & Hines powerpak

    It will work as long as you have the twin pick ups and rotor.. The 750s rev limit was 1100rpm I think and the 1100 is a bit less... I never worry about that crap though and change gear when it stops pulling... tachos are for wusses
  6. YoshiJohnny

    Slabby withh slingshot swingarm

    snappage..... that's what
  7. YoshiJohnny

    VM29SS, High idle rpm

    check all the slides bottom out..balance screws could be way out.. check the throttle return springs are both on...check for air leaks and weak mixture..
  8. YoshiJohnny

    Oil jets

    long while since I did some but does the hole they live in not extend down and you can push them out with something suitable??
  9. YoshiJohnny

    Oil jets

    they have O rings so plenty of lube ... haemostats or really good tweezers get them out
  10. YoshiJohnny

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics

  11. YoshiJohnny

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics

  12. YoshiJohnny

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics

  13. YoshiJohnny

    RS38 Jetting

    I am running RS38s with the factory jets supplied in an 1127 with pipe and stacks.. runs fine yours may be different but the only way to find 100% out is to road test it or dyno it...
  14. YoshiJohnny

    RS38 Jetting

    hate pod filters.... use bellmouths with socks.. jetting shouldn't be a mile out if everything else is ok but best to set up on a dyno...
  15. YoshiJohnny

    RS38 Jetting

    page 3.....http://mototh.com/files/other/carburetors/Mikuni-rs-manual.pdf