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  1. CGT1229

    EFE starter problems

    I can confirm this as well
  2. CGT1229

    GSXR Duplex header on EFE

    Huh, the stock EFE springs have tighter windings on the bottom, when I pulled them out, so I put them back in that way, both the inner and outer springs. I don't have the Duplex on the bike and the ticking sound is worse than an exhaust leak sound. Bummed I have to buy gaskets, as they ain't cheap, especially with such few miles.
  3. CGT1229

    Stateside East Coast Engine Work

    www.fastbygast.com Might be worth a call to see if they can help with your needs. I only bought parts from them, but apparently they have a full service machine shop in New York.
  4. CGT1229

    GSXR Duplex header on EFE

    Cockney Rick, I don't know how to quote just text, but my starter clutch only has 400 miles on it currently and it was the first thing I checked when trying to determine where the tickings coming from. It's still making the ticking noise after installing a manual cam chain tensioner, so I guess I have to tear back into it again. Ugh. A mechanic friend yesterday said maybe a valve spring could have been put in upside down, but I had just done a trackday prior with no ticking during the day. It did feel a ltttle fluffy surgy in 4th-5th wide open and the plugs looked lean which is weird, because it's the exact set up I've been running for years. I've only ridden it once after the trackday to merely warm the oil for an oil change, when I heard the ticking sound for the first time. Haven't ridden it since.
  5. CGT1229

    GSXR Duplex header on EFE

    Thanks for that, I do have the duplex header sitting in my garage, so I could do the same, just thought someone maybe had already done it.
  6. CGT1229

    GSXR Duplex header on EFE

    No just those two. I did have a TLS for about 6 months, but traded it off as it was a money pit, and difficult to fuss with FI in my primitive garage. Ended up getting my old 69 Karmaghia in the trade, my sister have given me awhile back, but I had nowhere to store it in the wet NW so sold it off too.
  7. CGT1229

    GSXR Duplex header on EFE

    Hey Glen (DB) I think it was you mentioning this site recently, is what got me back here. Thanks. Here's just a random shot of some previous woes. Been about round 7 with the starter clutch over the years. A shot of the ES awhile back.
  8. CGT1229

    GSXR Duplex header on EFE

    These pictures probably won't work. Regarding the pipe it looks like it might not get under the pan. Have a Kerker hanging next to it and the down pipes look much longer. May have to pull my engine apart again after only 400 miles. Spent a grand on new pistons, clutch, starter clutch, cam tensioner and now this ticking sound. it sounds like it's coming from number 2 cylinder. Dang guess I have to buy new head a base gasket...that was short lived. Will a bent valve show itself when the head is removed? Also I spent a couple of hours reading the starter clutch post by comb and gamma, I could use some extra ground clearance
  9. CGT1229

    GSXR Duplex header on EFE

    Hello, just registered on this forum. Used to visit the old site often. Live in Washington State. Have an 83 Kat 1150, and 84 1150 ES, both relatively stock and a bit ratty. Done about 25 trackdays on the kat, as I can't afford a trackbike just yet. Last trackday on 8/24, put in 63 laps at Pacific Raceways. Find I'm doing more of these than riding on the street now. However after last track day, went for a short loop and had a rattly ticking noise I thought was the cam chain. Put an APE manual tensioner on, noise is still there, so hoping not a rod or bent valve. Checked the Starter clutch, valve clearances, and clutch nothing seemed wrong. I did discover the crescent moon shaped plate behind the hub was loose, but haven't started it yet. Back to the original post about header, was just sharing the current state of affairs. I was wondering if anyone has had success fitting a 2nd gen GSXR 89-92 1100 duplex to a EFE engine? Thanks