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  1. Rene EFE

    Gsx1100ef motor in gsxr1100w

    All the more reason to get on with the job
  2. Rene EFE

    Gia 1216

    +5 Bhp
  3. Rene EFE

    Gia 1216

    You should see the inside of the friggin' engine...
  4. Rene EFE

    Аbout installing the seat...

    Looks like a slabby. The notch on the seat needs to go under the crossbar, which it can't now because your battery sits too high.
  5. Rene EFE

    Lock up for Cable clutch?

    A guy in Poland does these off the shelf https://www.facebook.com/topbikeperformance.gniezno/
  6. Rene EFE

    GSXR1100M Engine into Blandit

    Swap is as straightforward as you say. Power could be up from the Bandit, but these old engines can be a bit hit and miss.
  7. Rene EFE

    My Project GSX1100xx

    I wouldn’t bother with getting the real engine; to expensive and it doesn’t really make a difference on a streetbike that won’t be tuned to the teeth. Lengthen the linkage on top of the swingarm a bit and you’ll get the stance you’re looking for without modding the frame. Any deviation from the stock swingarm means loads of welding.
  8. Rene EFE

    My Project GSX1100xx

    Hello and welcome. Many ways to modify and update your bike to modernday runninggear. The biggest question is; do you want to modify the frame or not?
  9. Rene EFE

    Cam cover bolts

    Oh, misread that. Blame the lack of coffee..
  10. Rene EFE

    Cam cover bolts

    Don’t Dave Dunlop make them? @Kid Kearsley @vizman
  11. Rene EFE

    Rear wheel spacing

    They are, with the right spacers and caliperhanger; the offset in the discs is different.
  12. Rene EFE

    Rear wheel spacing

    What wheel is it? The oilcooled and watercooled ones are different.