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  1. fatblokeonbandit

    Bandit oil cooler size

    they are the same size but different inlet arrangement
  2. fatblokeonbandit

    6" rim wheel in 600 srad?

    also TL and Busa wheels will go in
  3. fatblokeonbandit

    6" rim wheel in 600 srad?

    Yes straight swop,
  4. fatblokeonbandit

    Which Triple Tree to fit 54/56mm forks !?

    whats htat in real money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 725mm ????? bit short!!
  5. fatblokeonbandit

    Don't know shit....

    750 slingy are 25-35 mm shorter than 1100 slingy ones, ive got a set with shot chrome you can have for postage if you want to try them out.. 50/54mm instead of 52/56mm
  6. fatblokeonbandit

    Which Triple Tree to fit 54/56mm forks !?

    how long are they from the spindle centre to the top edge of the top yoke????
  7. fatblokeonbandit

    Radiator Change

    I fitted a cagiva rad to this many years ago, there was a write up in the TLzone, I haven't got access there anymore but the info might still be there??? it didn't fit at first as it was tooo curved and stopped the forks turning at all, but I straightened it out a lot and it was all good... it was deeper and slightly wider, I never had any over eating problems with it
  8. fatblokeonbandit

    Which Triple Tree to fit 54/56mm forks !?

    2016 hayabusa forks and brembos, when resprung for my weight this front end is the best ive used one a B12, and ive used as few and they are 50/54mm don't know of a 54/56mm set of forks, plenty of 52/56 and 50/54mm??? the brakes are blindin' and the front sticks like the proverbial...
  9. fatblokeonbandit

    Shitter and big tits

    I keep telling the wife she wont push the bike out of the gravel trap in those shoes
  10. fatblokeonbandit

    bandit rear shock option fail

    I have found the most cost effective shock for mark 1 bandits is a gsxr 1000K7/8 goes right in with minimal work, and I have used them on 7 or 8 of my 1200's, work a traet and can be had from Trumpland for $30 ish
  11. fatblokeonbandit

    Speedo drive

    Pm me your addrees and ill sort it
  12. fatblokeonbandit

    gsx750 shock

    Morning air cooled monkeys...... anyone know what modern rear shock is a straight swop for the rear on a 1983 GSX750 es?? as a mate has one that's shot and hes skint, cheers shipmates
  13. fatblokeonbandit

    Speedo drive

    Ill dig it out matey..
  14. fatblokeonbandit

    Speedo drive

    95% sure I have one in the big box of bits in the shed, ill have a look later shipmate
  15. fatblokeonbandit

    1052 cable clutch conversion - possible or not?

    done It several times, here we have a 1052 with 600 bandit cable clutch and leccy speedo,