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  1. johnr

    Chipped and cracked magneto, how screwed am I?

    throw the rotor and get another, bin the stator and get another, drop the oil pull out the oil filter and cut it up, check for metal bits in there. pull off the sump, pull the strainer from the oil pump, check the sump plug for magnetic swarf, pull the clutch off and take the oil pump out and check it for wear, pull the cam cover off check the cams for wear. you may be lucky, you dont seem to have lost much, but magnetic swarf circulating in the oil in an engine is the very best way to utterly destroy every bearing surface, cam, crank, gear and pump in there. its magnetic so it sticks to steel, you see where im going with this. ive seen the damage broken up magnets from a rotor can do to an engine, you might be lucky though. id be wondering why the rotor has contacted the stator, either the rotor is where it shouldnt be or the stator is. have you checked the taper on the crank is running true?
  2. johnr

    Katana fuel tank cap

    Plenty of owners just polished the brass when they resided it wasn't steel.
  3. johnr

    Katana fuel tank cap

    kat tank caps werent chrome, they were like a brass material painted black.
  4. check that its not from the front centre cylinder head stud nut o rings that have perished and the oil isnt being blown through by th wind as you ride.
  5. johnr

    Slabby 750 Battery relocation

    probably, id not given it much thought but there were pics on there a while back. i guess for racing a cable clutch is simpler and requires less than a hydraulic setup.
  6. johnr

    Carbon fibre body work

    yes, i will have one at that price. are you planning to do any other kat panels?
  7. johnr

    Slabby 750 Battery relocation

    doesnt lucky7 do a battery carrier that replaces the sprocket cover on the gsxr?
  8. johnr

    Vance & Hines powerpak

    errr, is,,,,,,,, is that a scotsman buing a drink?
  9. johnr

    Katana 1100 paint

    none of the paint places near me could get a match from just 13L and every maker has their own code for it.
  10. johnr

    I just got the shaft!

    wraith also did a s/s swingarm conversion using the back end of a shafty hodna.
  11. johnr

    New head for gsx1100 kat engine (24bolt)

    that crack wont cause the loss in compression that you have. id be looking for some more pistons first.
  12. johnr

    New head for gsx1100 kat engine (24bolt)

    and the gsxr engine is totally different to thee gsx one so the heads arent a swap, although it has been done but with a lot of work.
  13. johnr

    Transmission with more slap than my ex!

    if the nut winds off enough the helical primary drive will provide sideways loading and unloading as you open and shut the throttle, each time helping to unscrew the nut a little more. the danger is that if the basket moves enough theres the risk that the gear driving the oil pump will disengage from its slot and you lose drive to the oil pump. youd know about that pretty soon though........
  14. johnr

    Transmission with more slap than my ex!

    any ridges worn on the fingers of the basket? assuming that your cush drive is tip top, your sprocket nut is tight and you chain adjusted correctly, and just ruling out other odd issues like checking that all your engine mounting bolts and nuts ate tight, then youre back at the basket, nut needs to be tight and then lockd in placee, if it moves and is only held in place by the locking tab, then get a new locking washer, take it all out, check the lugs that engage the oil pump, the rivets that hold the basket, the springs and bobbins on the back of the basket (gsx achilles heel) an if they are ok, tighten the nut to the correct torque before locking it with the tab washer, there should be no movement at all on the nut.
  15. johnr

    Transmission with more slap than my ex!

    Does it chatter on tickover from the clutch?