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  1. busa1300

    VJ23 in a box

    The radial master definitely help the front brake feel, but the calipers still don’t feel right. I have a pair of brakes same the RC51....except black instead of gold. They fit the bike perfect, but I’ll need to make new brake lines to make it look right.
  2. busa1300

    Rgv VJ21

    How does the inside of your tank look now, down by the fuel tap pickup?
  3. busa1300

    1 cylinder not working

    I had the same problem to some degree on #1 plug.... after cleaning carbs several times I replaced the choke plunger and spring. Then cleaned everything else spotless again..... Has been working OK now.
  4. busa1300

    Katana Anti-Dive

    I am using a B/King radial master cylinder with my front end (1982).....still has some lever travel, but not as much as the original master.
  5. Since my VJ23 was working like it should, I decided I needed to get my VJ22SP out and put some miles on it to keep it cleaned out. I had only had it out one other time this whole year, and it wasn’t running as good as I thought it had the year before. So after a few miles yesterday, it started to run pretty bad....I parked it, and before I got to the fuel tap to turn it off...I had gas dripping onto the driveway. My neglect, turned into a little work in order to get it running better again. Dug into it and pulled the leaking carb off to get it cleaned out, and double check my float valve. Looked like it has been sucking in a fine film of rust from the tank. So I cleaned out the bowl and all the other holes that passed either gas or air through...bolted it back up....and realized how empty my tank was..... I think I was running out of fuel as it felt like a cylinder had quit working....but it still had enough to leak out....??? Still confused on that, but I got it fired up with some of my 110 race gas I had in the garage, then rode to the station to fill it up with premium. Runs great again....although after riding my VJ23 so much.... It feels kinda boring. I think it’s time to unrestrict it and split the cases and give it a proper resurrection, with all the new parts I can still find for it. I have new some jolly moto pipes hanging on the wall and several RS250 SAPC boxes... all I’ll really need is a few new jets, as the SP has 34’s originaly.... But Im still waiting for the right Sugaya pipes come along
  6. busa1300

    78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Pulled carbs again. This time to move needles, and go up one main jet size. Feels a little stronger now and still pulls great from low RPMs. Have a dyno run scheduled for my RS250, and I think I will take the GS1000 along too. Get a good baseline on it to see if I’m close enough to finally leave it alone.....and just ride it.
  7. busa1300

    78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Pulled carbs again, this time to get #1 cylinder to work better. It seemed to be running richer than the other 3. Finally decided to take all the old choke parts out and put new parts in, in case there was a weak spring or the seal at the bottom of the plunger was no longer sealing. Also put in bigger pilot jets #25, in place of the 17.5....made a big difference. Next step is move needle up one more notch just to see how it feels. Runs extremely well at very low RPMs now, but I think midrange could use just a bit more.
  8. busa1300

    78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Almost all the gaskets/seals/cables and so on came from Suzuki. Surprisingly, there are quite a few part numbers that still work off the microfiche. Bolts came from Eblag, as did the entire front end and rear wheel. Some parts came from auctions.yahoo.co.jp, good prices but high shipping. Took about 6 months or more of collecting parts before I really ever started to tear into it much.
  9. busa1300

    78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Time to dial in the GS better. Had carbs set so it would run, but never fine tuned them. Put in a bigger baffle for my header also, as the standard baffle is pretty small. Putting new plugs in and oil change this weekend, then I can see where to step up the fuel.
  10. busa1300

    VJ23 in a box

    Final touches.... Got my radial master cylinder on, and brakes feel better. But I think one of theses days it will get higher quality calipers. Also got a spare tool box for the tail, so I could cut into in and fit in my Zeel ignition...and save my original box when originality has more importance than HP...
  11. busa1300

    VJ23 in a box

    My pipes were leaking a little when it was up on the dyno. So I cleaned them up and put better high temp sealer around them. Then safety wired them just to keep them on a little tighter.
  12. busa1300

    VJ23 in a box

    Last post on page 4 shows some dyno results
  13. busa1300

    VJ23 in a box

    Dyno run today.... The dyno shop owner said his dyno has always read a bit low to several other dyno's in the area. Another shop has a dyno (same dynojet 250) that consistently reads 10% higher. He has done several back to back/same day dyno runs to prove it to other customers.... With that said, my bike pulled a 60.14 at 12000, with 27.04...best run... Needs a bit of tweeking in mid range as it appears that it is surprisingly slightly lean. I'm thinking air solenoids should make it as close as I will need. I ended up running 25% 110VP racing gas and 75% premium.  I am finally satisfied, and I can now move on....
  14. busa1300

    VJ23 in a box

    Checking bike over, making sure it’s ready for the dyno tomorrow. Put new NGK R plugs in and decided to check compression since I have over 1000KM’s on top end now. Before tear down, engine had 140 in both cylinders which I thought was pretty good. But when I checked today I had a hard time believing it...so I double checked.....160/170.... With numbers like that, I’m hoping to get some good numbers tomorrow too
  15. busa1300

    TLs new clothes

    I have been painting for a long time....35 years and counting.... On all the projects I do at work, (and for myself) every line gets bladed....It makes a world of difference when the clear goes on. It can be pretty tricky, and there is always a chance that the blade will dig in too much and cause more work.... But it's one of the many tricks to learn.