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  1. Markz9

    Slabby swinger pics

    Here are a few alternatives
  2. Markz9

    Steering damper on Slabby....

    I stuck mine on the left hand side and on the upper frame section
  3. Markz9

    GSXR750 oil motor in GSXR400 chassis??

    is that the one in finland or Sweden he wants 4000 euro
  4. Markz9

    Best rear wheel size?

    But you could say that about the rider too (certainly in my case) and the slingshot swap is very easy lot more work matching bearings spindles spacers etc with modern wheels
  5. Markz9

    Best rear wheel size?

    ive fitted a 4.5 to my slabby 750 race bike plan is to take that to Cartagena in march for some practice so I will update then personally I wouldn't put anything bigger on 750 engine gsxr it will make it very slow for angle changes and the steering angles etc is pretty old fashioned on slabbys and 160 fits nicely
  6. Markz9

    Slabby 750 damping adjusters

    I might be able to supply the internals if you need some unfortunately reactive suspension stripped them so I don't know how them come apart
  7. Markz9

    Few pics...shiny things

    Cheers John engine looks great I am racing at oscherleben at the end of sept that is the last round of the csbk season so I will come and grab it before then
  8. Markz9

    Slabby 750/1100 foot peg interchangeablity.

    Only difference I thought was the 1100 have a rubber insert on the foot peg itself otherwise exactly same the 750 are solid alloy
  9. Markz9

    1986 gsxr 1100 raising the rear end

    Hi Duncan all sorted on the 750 slabby race bike power on now but nothing to spark plug power to cdi and coils but no sparking not sure why to be honest
  10. Markz9

    1986 gsxr 1100 raising the rear end

    If this is a slabby swingarm it doesn't have dog bones that's why funky monk made the whole billet bell crank a longer shock will help a little but it will contact the fork part of the bell crank
  11. Markz9

    1986 gsxr 1100 raising the rear end

    You need to contact Mark stokes funky monk racing he had a batch of billet linkages made for racing to raise the back end he may still have some for sale
  12. Markz9

    Replacing top oil lines 1127

    I Can post a picture of the head cooler fittings I have just installed First buy the Torque kit Plus you will need a straight 1 No AN 8 fitting to the bottom feed, depending how much room under tank 2 No AN 6 straight or 90 deg fittings plus another 2 No straight or 90 deg to the T fitting 1 No AN 8 Straight or 90 deg from the T to the oil cooler and then what ever oil cooler you buy the fittings to connect it ideally 2 no 90 deg AN 8 Mark
  13. Yank web site and a couple of classic tt bikes have done it it's for my race bike not road obviously there is the sigma slipper but that is nearly £700 which is a bit steep
  14. Hi everyone has anybody carried out this on a bandit / gsxr 1127 engine I am aware that it is possible to fit a gsxr 750/1000 k slipper clutch but don't seem to be able to find any details cheers Mark
  15. Hi Garry thanks for dims