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  1. no class

    Fat bottom girl

    Keep the motor and related bits..... bin the rest
  2. no class

    GSF 1250 swinging arm anyone used one?

    ......this is a b1250 arm
  3. no class

    GSF 1250 swinging arm anyone used one?

    Pivot bolt the same.... width should be also but I will check the arm tommorror.....wheel axles are different..... bandit 12 (smaller)
  4. no class

    Carbon fibre body work

    Keep us posted !
  5. no class

    GSX1400 swingarm

    Johnr...... throw up a width dimension for the rest or us curious georges
  6. no class

    36MM Plastic Carb Slide

    Have not seen the part in question but is there any room in the rs's body to add bearings to the slides such as tmr or fcr ? Or machine new ally slide with bearings fitted.....
  7. no class

    Couldn't resist

    Nice find ! ....,, now cut it up and put some stank on dat biatch
  8. no class

    1052 noises

    For starters...... what's the story with the 1109 ? Who built it up ?
  9. no class

    1052 noises

    Why B12? That 1109 you have will out run a bandit . I am sure if you are having trouble in the "engine build " department.... we can assist you with our bank of knowledge here at casa del OSS .
  10. no class

    1052 noises

    ......100,000 miles ? No teardown ? No shit it will be noisy .....have a heart and give her a new life .
  11. no class

    Carbon fibre body work

    Kat stuff x2
  12. no class


    That's the color of the first ever 1150 I bought back in 86'..... once you strip all the gayness off it .... it will be top notch as intended !
  13. no class

    Best turbo for B12

    Well..... mine is the best turbo for a b22..... why , You ask ?...... because I said so .
  14. no class

    New Seat and Sidepanels

    Looks like an xr seat unit .....harley parts on a Suzy
  15. no class

    Case boring

    Tbh.... not going nuts on this .re-sleeve the stock block to fit biggest liners possible . Will be a road bike for now .