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  1. I ran mine in,albeit MTC pistons,for around 300 miles.No thrashing/red lining/uphill in high gears etc,just rode it sensibly,on cheapo mineral oil...however,it did burn a little oil on start up so I was worried I had been too careful but a weekend giving it the beans last year at Donington 'completed' the process and now all is good in the hood.
  2. Sheep

    Dyna DRL-300 rev limiter HELP PLEASE

    When I fitted mine to the 12v coil feed at the coil itself I seemed to have issues with misfiring at certain revs so I fitted it to the positive battery terminal for test purposes and it all seemed fine.I then found a spare switched 12v feed wire (from rear light loom) and used that...works fine now...I remember Gixer1460 telling me before that these are more suited to racing bikes with minimal wiring/accessories which could complicate things......I do know however that going round Donington recently the limiter played up due to the lighting circuit fuse falling out lol...
  3. Sheep

    Did my bottom end let go?

    Maybe the carbs still need attention..... Does it make any thumps or dull knocks from anywhere?
  4. Sheep

    1100 EFE CDI

    Should be with you tomorrow matey I bought that one for the same reason Dezza and then some pick-ups...after checking the wiring for the eighth time it turned out to be carb jetting lol....
  5. Sheep

    1100 EFE CDI

    Found it ☺️ Send me your address and I will send it to you mate.
  6. Sheep

    1100 EFE CDI

    I am not sure if I have a spare or not but something tells me I purchased another one a couple of years ago for test purposes but I wont know till I get to the garage tomorrow...I do know I bought another pick-up assembly for the same reasons. If I do not have one I will volunteer to be a guinea pig
  7. Sheep

    Flatslide woes

    I suffer from similar issues with mine...I have never got it to idle like factory carbs but I wouldn't say it is as bad as yours.I always set my idle speed when the bike is warm and often find myself having to physically turn the throttle back to lower the revs when coming to traffic lights for instance,(I have removed one spring one hole back mind you)....It is something I have lived with but after faffing about with jets etc to get a happy medium I have come to the conclusion that a new set will have to be purchased next winter....I am passing too much air through worn slides for it to run as Mikuni intended....However,i do hope that £850 ish for new carbs will sort it out once and forever.
  8. Sheep

    master cylinder

    What do the mounting holes measure across centre to centre?
  9. Sheep

    master cylinder

    It may be prudent to invest in a new cylinder too....that way it's all new and you could eliminate rubbers AND cylinder wear. As for exact type you could simply buy one which has similar dimensions and the amd hole spacings and it should do the job.
  10. Sheep

    master cylinder

    I had a similar problem with my rear master cylinder last year. Bore was fine and seals seemed ok but i changed those just to be sure and that did the trick. Still took a while to bleed mind you lol.
  11. Sheep


    Hi and welcome to the madhouse....If you take the time to have a gander in the archives you will find all about fork swap combo's...some invaluable info in there.... Next things is pics....OSS likes pictures
  12. Sheep

    Finished until the Winter

    Is it just me or does this bike make me want one too???
  13. Sheep

    Rattling noise

    Just put it down to the bikes character...something most modern bikes do not have....it makes older bikes more interesting Rattly cams=character Oil leaks=character Clutch needing man hands=character...
  14. Sheep

    Hunting at Steadyy Cruise

    You say both sets of carbs do it.....are both carbs identical in jet size,balance,condition etc.....valve clearances ok too???
  15. Sheep

    Rattling noise

    My mate reckon old Triumph's do not leak oil,they are simply marking there spot....Old Skool Suzuki's they do not leak oil either..they just sweat power