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  1. Cheeky4648

    1100 EFE CDI

    Either that or wizardsofelectrcary.com basically I have NFC
  2. Cheeky4648

    1100 EFE CDI

    The two little square doohickeys held with the nuts are the coil drivers on a heat sink plate. I would suspect one of them is faulty.
  3. Cheeky4648

    Gs1000 big bore....... What's best ?

    Got 76mm MTC pistons in my gs1000. I use Teflon buttons rather than circlips. No problems. When racing we found the Mtc pistons were better than the rest. Could use a tighter tolerance on bore as they don’t expand as much as wiseco wossner or je.
  4. Cheeky4648

    Piston compression heights?

    Mtc do a turbo flat top piston for the gs1100 4v 18mm pin but it’s 73mm. Can’t see many other pistons from different manufacturers giving you the comp ratio you would be looking for in a turbo application. Put some gsxr750 liners in and bore it to 73mm.
  5. Cheeky4648

    Gsx11 pistons in Gs1000 ???

    Use 1984 gpz1100 pistons. They have 18mm pin and are 72.5 mm stock. You will need to use 2 base gaskets to get the deck height right. The compression ratio should be up a point from std gs as well. Do dry build to get it right and check valve to piston. Cut outs in pistons are bigger than gs so all good there.
  6. Cheeky4648

    Fork ID

    1980 Yamaha seca 750.
  7. Cheeky4648

    Rattling noise

    Do the old skool long screwdriver to the ear. It’s a very good way to narrow down the area the noise is coming from.
  8. Just remembered 1250 pistons have 18mm pin not 20mm as 1100w.
  9. you can put top end from 1250 onto 1100w bottom end. Crank is different as 1250 has alternator on end of crank. Barrels are chrome bore instead of linered wet block 1100w. Cams interchange. Crank shells are the same as 1100 and busa. Just had a set of barrels replated to fit busa pistons for my turbo project. Throttle Bodys will fit 1100w but the secondary butterfly servo motor is in the middle of the tbs. spacing is same though. I'm using 2012 gsxr750 tbs spaced so I can use 2 stages of injectors.
  10. Thanks @homerI got the 1100 one and it seems to fit the 750 frame I got. Thanks for the reply
  11. Cheeky4648

    Busa pistons

    Gen2 are 18 mm pin as said above but as to boring them to 20mm it would not be feasable as there is only about 10 thou of meat between the top of the pin hole and the oil control ring. So you would have to offset bore them and may then run into probs at the bottom of pin hole. I.e. getting thin and weak. If you need 20mm go with gen1 they will give same comp as gen2. The gen 2 forging is much skinnier than the gen1.
  12. Got a 1995 750w chassis and have the chance of a well tidy 95 1100w tank. Does anybody know of any differences?
  13. Cheeky4648

    Starter Motor upgrade for GS1000 bored to 11

    My motor is 1170 with cams and 11-1 comp and the stock starter works fine. Get a starter rebuild kit and replace all cables with thicker gauge wire. Make shure your engine ground is good too. All will help. @nlovien is good advice as well.
  14. Cheeky4648

    Before I go and buy this one...

    Forgot another point is PM,s "race" wheels are thinner gauge ally than their road wheels so bend easier if you hit stuff with them Like potholes and small wildebeest.
  15. Cheeky4648

    Before I go and buy this one...

    Just looked again and see the spokes are not solid soooo they could be lighter than they look. Back in the day PM used to call that range the chicane series. Lots around in the drag racing world. They did make them for kz,gs,gsxr.