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  1. Hey Bluedog, any luck with doing this, I was looking at doing similar thing for my 7/9 build as have spare set of slingshot carbs and I'm cheap bastard and doing bike with bits I got, all I've found on interwebs is using water cooled carbs on sacs engine so should work if done in reverse? I'll try out soon if u haven't and post how I go. Info on oil cooled 93-91 Re: 93 carbs fit 91? for fit w carbs on sacs engine must use cyl one sacs mainfold for cyl 2 cyl 2>mainfold for cyl 2 cyl 3>mainfold for cyl 3 cyl 4 >mainold for cyl 3

    Slingshot K1 Swingarm Shock Fitment

    Your other idea would be a lot less stuffing around that's for sure

    Slingshot K1 Swingarm Shock Fitment

    I'm happy with my setup you've seen my one only saw your post today on fula's thread sorry man, only thing I'd change is probably making up bottom adapter plate as my linkage has hit frame on bad bump or may grind bit more out of frame. also hasn't had much of field test as electrics played up on bike and only just got stupid thing sorted now, no high speed testing done yet. So maybe someone on here will give better insight as my one not really tested I'm more of a manufacture problem, test, improve I have the k4 arm which is same as k1 I think looks similar, used 2mm washer too in swingarm bearing dust covers to get spacing right. k2 linkage and wheels, adjustable dogbones and adjustable top mount bracket (sits high have custom subframe so not sure if will work with stock setup) which is recommended as I'm still tinkering with my setup still not right.and my shock is one that fitted the stock 750 size, hagon with a different spring rate.

    Gsxr 750 engine questions

    Eh guys I'm keen on doing Rf swap also, just wondering is it possible to use the Rf carbs on 750 head in anyway? As don't have carbs from the 750,

    Slingshot gsxr Swingarm swap to 01-03 600

    Eh Mate definitely go with adapter plate like what Dan makes as I went with k1-3 link like yours in photo 1with adjustable top shock mount and adjustable dog bones and link hits frame when hits real bad bump not nice, I'm in process of making plate, have u checked fula's sweet build he has lot of trial and error in his thread great read page 9,10,11 regarding his setup. Regarding geometry and handling well I was still playing with it till I got engine probs so someone else will have to help ya there bud. love that bike in photo 5 kinda copied that fairing idea for my build,

    HELP! Hayabusa swingarm on a 91 GSXR 750 trouble!

    Check out fula's awesome build last 3 page's had similar issue.

    Hybrid motor?

    Not that motor savvy but Found the below on interchange list while back, was going to try when 750 slingy dies, was gonna ask if any one ever tried or know if below is correct, below or 813 build are me options. Thought below might be similar to dezza's engine maybe? Or should I be asking this in new thread sorry in advance dez 750 Superbikes sometimes cheated by running 1100 barrels milled down to the 750 stroke (you also have to cut 12mm of the skirts and you lose the front lower cylinder bolt making it obvious) with custom drilled pistons. The biggest simple swap is 1127 barrel bored to 81mm for 1003cc (or 921cc on the short-stroke cases) but you need to cut out the case mouths and run an 81mm piston blank drilled for the 20mm pin.

    Trigger Wheel Guide

    You sir have saved me a lot of time with this, thanks great post.