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  1. stellafella

    Carb jets

    The DJ's I took out were the same thread as the mikuni jets that replaced them
  2. stellafella

    Carb jets

    this is what I had, I decided to take the DJ kit out and replace it with standard jets/ needles on my 36mm mikuni for a slingshot 1100
  3. stellafella

    Carb jets

    I've a paper copy of dj's and mikuni jet sizes , I'll post a picture up tomorrow morning when I finish work.
  4. stellafella

    Engine ident?

    Engine numbers, first few characters will give you an idea of engine
  5. stellafella

    What pipe are people using on their Slabbies ?

    I used calsport, just under 800,
  6. stellafella

    What pipe are people using on their Slabbies ?

    Unexpected windfall from work , thought I'd spend the cash carefully. full Yoshi
  7. stellafella

    dot head on 1052

    I've got a dot head without cams which has been lurking in the back of my shed for a while. Thinking about putting it on my 1052 motor and have a few questions banging around in my mind. if any body can help with advice and or suggestion it would be much appreciated. Would like to keep the midrange grunt . I've got some 1052 and k / l camshafts, which would be preferable or do I need to look for some dot head cams. Best inlet rubbers and carbs, 34 or 36 and is there any known fitment issues with interference with frame any other known issues ?
  8. stellafella

    Online manuals?

    Try carlsalter.com , managed to get lots of manuals off there
  9. stellafella

    K1 1000 headers on a GSXR11K

    As above , brute force , had to spread the headers a little bit to get to fit, easy enough. I found that they hung a bit low for my taste, so trolley jack and plumbers torch to warm em up underneath, left until cool. Still sprung back a bit ,but not as bad as before
  10. stellafella

    Nakered crank

    K L 1100 slingshot parts diagram has 12220 40C00 for the crank.
  11. stellafella

    New bandit???????

    I've got rid of bad colour /faded anodising with a bit of caustic soda in a glass jar for a few minutes. came out a nice raw flavour.
  12. stellafella

    Slabby workshop manual

    I've got a 1052 from carlsalter.com , it's not a bad copy, clear enough. Might be worth a look
  13. stellafella

    disc compatabillity

    got this if it helps
  14. stellafella

    motobatt too high

    Is there a spacer attached at the bottom of the battery, I ordered one about a month ago and it came with a spacer on the bottom of the battery