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  1. Gsx11 pistons in Gs1000 ???

    Doh! Right you are, I was mixed up with the 1150, 20mm vs 18mm pins for the 1000/1100. All the same, I have been told in the past the 4 valve pistons are a bad idea because of the valve reliefs? Never tried it because of that. Do you know of anybody that has? It would be interesting to hear the results.
  2. Gsx11 pistons in Gs1000 ???

    No, wrist pin is larger for the 4 valve engines vs the 2 valve engines. If you want to do it on the cheap then GS1100L, G or GK pistons will work. Unless the set you are being offered are for the 2valve engines as there are big bore kits available for the 1100 2 valve engines, takes the engine to 1135 IIRC. However, the 1000 will not be happy with that much removed from the bores, you will need to re-sleeve or get a factory 1100 cylinder assy. If you can see the kit being offered you will be able to tell the 4 valve possibility by the 4 valve reliefs in the piston head vs 2 reliefs.
  3. You can turn down a 530 to a 520 if memory serves me correct as they are the same pitch. Sprockets are just hardened on the teeth where the chain rollers contact. This I was told by a sprocket manufacturer. Here is a Bridgestone Battllax 170, 17" on my 1000 some info here also https://www.thegsresources.com/_forum/showthread.php?167060-520-Sprocket-to-fit-GS-sprocket-carrier/page2&highlight=Sprocket
  4. .080", give or take. It was to move the chain in alignment with the front sprocket. Off the sprocket face of the Cush drive. I used the under slung caliper and disc from the bandit, so I had to cut the torque arm off the top of the swinger and weld it to the lower side. Just to make clear, this is a GS1000 that had GSX1100 swinger and wheels. There are some differences in frames so you will have to measure to make sure.
  5. Stick with the 170 tire, that's what I run and anything bigger makes things REAL tight! You will have to have spacers machined. I put the B12 5.5 on my 1000 with the GSX1100 swinger. The spacers were all custom, the bearings as well as the internal spacers from the 1100 wheel were installed in the bandit wheel. The Cush drive from the 1100 is used on the bandit wheel, 6 cushions. Machined off .080 from the Cush drive sprocket face to move the rear 530 Sunstar sprocket in for frame clearance. I have a 3/8 offset 530 front sprocket, you may have to clean up the welds on the chain run area around the swinger pivot bolt area. No frame notching required. How many cushions on the RF Cush drive?
  6. master cylinder

    I believe this is the European model, looks like the same master https://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-gs850g-e01-e02-e04-e17-e18-e21-e22-e24-e25-e26-e34-e39_model13499/partslist/FIG-77.html#results
  7. master cylinder

    does not look like the OEM rear master, compared to this anyways https://www.ronniesmailorder.com/oemparts/a/suz/50d401a2f8700230d8b4e538/rear-master-cylinder-model-t
  8. master cylinder

    Because you have a trike with brakes on each rear wheel you do not have the original Suzuki rear master!? Post up a picture of your master.
  9. A Sad tale.......

    Like a sexy woman exposing just enough to make you want to see more
  10. Fork ID

    Anti-dives were usually on the front of the fork. A better pic of down there would help. Heck, they may not even be Suzuki forks
  11. Fork ID

    If it's the 1000 it has to be a L model, leading edge forks.
  12. Finished until the Winter

    Gorgeous! I plan on getting mine out of hibernation next week. I only wish her bodywork was as nice as yours.
  13. Fork ID

    Sorta look like 1100et?
  14. Wiring diagram.

    See if this helps https://www.thegsresources.com/_forum/showthread.php?193730-Colored-wiring-diagrams&highlight=Color+diagram
  15. Katana Gauge face scan?