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  1. oil temp sensor

    I have installed a Trail Tec Vapor gauge on my 1000. It has an option for oil or coolant temp. I have the sensor just trying to figure where to install the probe. options are oil cooler "in" line, sump or the oil gallery plug on the rh side of the engine. Any opinions where to install? Thanks
  2. Gsx-1100 ET 1980 - Oil pressure switch leak?

    There is a lip seal under the big knurled knob with the spring, here is a write-up http://www.bwringer.com/gs/camchaintens.html the Part numbers may not apply to yours though.
  3. VM33s on an air cooled 1100?????

    Oops, I saw VM, jumped the gun on that one
  4. VM33s on an air cooled 1100?????

    https://www.jetsrus.com/carburetor/carb_mikuni_VM33_carb_exploded_view_parts.html At the bottom they give the jets and etc for a 1100 with the 33's
  5. 1100 es fairing

    Either way it would be a nice piece to have on an ESD! I know I would love to have it for mine as she is being set up as a tourer
  6. 1100 es fairing

    If it's plastic it's a rare factory piece? If it's Fiberglass then a Lockhart? My understanding anyways, but I am probably wrong
  7. ES Electrical probs

    Just so you know the light warning system on the ES and the EF bikes can be an issue. http://www.thegsresources.com/_forum/showthread.php?192643-Warning-lights&highlight=Warning in post #7 there is a blurb about it. My ES had similar issues so I eliminated the warning box and all is well now, just no headlamp out or tail light out warning, all other warnings work as normal. I do have a link if you need to eliminate the box if it is unserviceable. There is no cutting of wires to do this, just jumpers at 1 switch block, for the North American models anyways. link http://www.thegsresources.com/_forum/showthread.php?67151-1150-Monitoring-unit-removal&highlight=1150+wiring Hope this helps in some way, cheers
  8. New addition

    If you have a budget, then you should stay away from builds!
  9. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    Disassemble, clean then get the carbs sonic cleaned along with the internal parts. You need to have all carb clamps loose, filter airbox removed, and patience to get the airbox on The brake torque arm, the round splined bit, that the brake lever goes on has a dot on its end. The gap on the brake lever where it slides on the shaft is supposed to line up with the dot. That is as per factory, it may need changing from that? Change engine oil, throw a small drop of oil down each plug hole. Turn engine over from R/H side with 17mm 6pt socket wrench, NOT the 12mm bolt! Crank away to pump oil through the galleries before trying to start. The clutch plates may be stuck together also so be careful when you first try to engage when engine is running.
  10. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    That seat ruins the lines of the bike, here is mine with the factory seat.
  11. Chain line

    What size heel and tire you fitting? I put a 5.5 with a170 tire on my GS1000 with a GSX1100 swinger and there was no frame cutting, I have 2-3mm chain clearance to frame with a 530 chain.
  12. Ultimately, if $2K was spent on repairs, you should return it for warranty. Clearly they failed in their repair work!
  13. I would pull the cyl head nuts (item 14) that have the o-rings (item17) if it's not leaking from the valve cover gasket. https://www.ronniesmailorder.com/oemparts/a/suz/50d40398f8700230d8b4eb31/cylinder-head Get in there with some spray solvent to degrease, fire up bike and watch for leak.
  14. I looks like the individual that "changed the head gasket" has fucked you over! Looks like the head has not been removed from the crud on there. If he did have the head off then why were the head nut o-rings not changed? It is standard practice to change them if the nuts are disturbed. The stator gasket is an easy change. If it sat for 8 years then a carb rebuild is in order.
  15. Cranking speed

    Get a smaller lithium battery and install it in parallel with existing battery, that will get you 12 volts with the increased CCA you need. It would add maybe 2.5 lbs to the bike. So from one battery to another you go, negative to negative, positive to positive. Ground one battery, or both if you wish and then from either positive post feed the start relay as per normal.