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  1. Bandit switch gear

    Can anyone tell me if mk 1 bandit 6 has the same electrical plugs as a 12 bandit please
  2. Slingshot wheel 12 bandit discs

    Is it poss to fit 12 bandit front discs to a gsxr slingshot front wheel cheers mick
  3. 750 rear disc

    Ok mate cheers
  4. 750 rear disc

    Hi all , could I use a 1200 bandit rear disc on my gsxr 750 rear wheel , both are 5 bolt and 5.5" wide cheers mick
  5. Gsxr cutting out

    Sorry it's a std system with a slip on end can
  6. Gsxr cutting out

    Well that weren't to bad as me airbox was split in half cheers captain for the heads up , now do I plastic weld up the airbox or use a stage 3 dynojet kit and Ryanair filters as the bike has a full micron system
  7. Gsxr cutting out

    Anyone else tryed this way as I'm gonna start it in 10 mins
  8. Gsxr cutting out

    Right , sorry it's been a long time since I've touched this bike again , I took the bike to a mate for a mot and to see if he could sonic the carbs to clean them , but he's rung me to say the air box has a big crack half way through , so do I drop the engine and fit a newish air box or dynojet with filters , please help as the suns out now cheers mick
  9. 1200 bandit plugs

    As far as I no it's all std 1200 bandit
  10. 1200 bandit plugs

    Just took the plugs out the bike and all 4 brand new are like this after a 40 mile ride out , as before it runs abit fluffy at tick over but under load it's great apart from when you pull up to traffic lights and it cuts out , could it just be the mixture running rich
  11. Rust in tank

    Ive used por15 on a few tanks now and had no bother so far
  12. 1200 bandit plugs

    Sorted now thanks , not often I say this but God bless that bidding site
  13. Saying hello... and an enforced goodbye :-(

    Nice collection there fella
  14. 1200 bandit plugs

    Need 1 like this asap if anyone's got 1
  15. 1200 bandit plugs