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  1. Lurker intro

    Cool! Whats the front end off? and welcome from the left coast.
  2. Swirl's Harris

    Dam!!! That master / caliper combo is awesome!
  3. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Great work! That idiot light set up is awesome!!!
  4. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Dam dude... well done!
  5. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Sounds Awesome!!!
  6. Beefa... the rebuild

    Very Cool!!!!
  7. Scavenge pump location

    I also run one of these, got approx 50,000km on it.
  8. GS1000 Turbo, attempt no 2

    That is gold right there, well done dude!
  9. Turbo charged with a roller bearing crank

    Nothing to add but that's awesome!!!! No, shit, wait, I need more details, You sir are a GENIUS!!!!
  10. TurboGS and Bruteforce are back

    Dude, put everything you think you need on the living room floor. Then immediately remove 50%, leave it for 24 hours and remove another 50%, now you should be ready to go.
  11. TurboGS and Bruteforce are back

    Looking good!
  12. TurboGS and Bruteforce are back

    Nice, what are the specs?
  13. Project; Whizzy Pop Slingshot

    Totally awesome build, been following it from the old days, cool to see it still going.