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  1. 77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    Was that pun intentional?
  2. 77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    Ask @boilerdude. @no class will confirm this
  3. I'm sure we've all seen it, but i still find it amusing https://goo.gl/images/9jRSs5
  4. Headlightcowl badges ET

    I expect a company like LPM could make some if there was enough interest.....
  5. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    I like the seat....
  6. New addition

    I'm sure the bike is superb, it's hard to tell with such a blurred photo
  7. 1100M tweeked by FBM

  8. interesting Katana

    He should have used some penny washers to space the peg out, then a smaller hammer would have sufficed
  9. Have you purchased this kit yet or what?
  10. Slabby tank options?

    Need a pic of this....
  11. 1100M tweeked by FBM

    Engine specs? What are the black pipes that come from front of the bike , run ontop of the rocker cover and disappear under tank? looks mean
  12. XJR Rear Scocks to GSX1100

    Yes. got xjr wilbers on my gs
  13. GS750

    Welcome. Bike looks cool. Did you do the work to it , or buy as is? Any future plans or just ride the shit out of it?
  14. gsx 750 1100 et ex giuliari seat

    Have a chat with @Blubber. I think he can show you how to get (parts) of a gsx1400k5 into discussion on this site....