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  1. Tire centered in frame??

    I know I'm a bit late to the party, but that engine hoist idea is excellent
  2. Slabbie arrives ...now what

    Just ride it! That paint is excellent!!!
  3. Hope you got a "smokin' " deal on it....
  4. 77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    Was that pun intentional?
  5. 77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    Ask @boilerdude. @no class will confirm this
  6. I'm sure we've all seen it, but i still find it amusing https://goo.gl/images/9jRSs5
  7. 77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    What he said
  8. Headlightcowl badges ET

    I expect a company like LPM could make some if there was enough interest.....
  9. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    I like the seat....
  10. New addition

    I'm sure the bike is superb, it's hard to tell with such a blurred photo
  11. 1100M tweeked by FBM

  12. interesting Katana

    He should have used some penny washers to space the peg out, then a smaller hammer would have sufficed
  13. Have you purchased this kit yet or what?
  14. Slabby tank options?

    Need a pic of this....
  15. 1100M tweeked by FBM

    Engine specs? What are the black pipes that come from front of the bike , run ontop of the rocker cover and disappear under tank? looks mean