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  1. 1100 (1991) USD fork swap with hayabusa '08+

    Looks like you're making something that should be easy a lot more difficult. Get hold on the 'busa wheel and discs and then press the 1100 stem into the 'busa yoke. Easy! Is there any benefit from using the 'busa switch gear?
  2. Short Stoke Big Bore

    Only advantage I can see of this is keeping the engine number matching the frame....
  3. Spondon GSX1170

    I like the red/white/black- very period
  4. GS1000 gauge cluster alternative

    Works great. As far as I can tell , there's no disadvantages to it. Not the cheapest around but works well;- dare I say, the speedo part of my one is a tad small but you get used to where the important bits are (30/40/70)
  5. Katana tank

    Thanks for the confirmation. If it turned out to be a dud the Katana track bike may have very quickly morfed into a gs using my old gs thou bodywork
  6. Katana tank

  7. Katana tank

    Can someone confirm this is a 750/1100 tank. Ive been stockpiling for the Katana track bike and I've suddenly had a niggling feeling it may be a 400 tank....
  8. Best 4pot master cylinder/brake set up

    Thanks for replies guys.... What piston sizes are all the m/cs that you've had sucess with?
  9. I've got gsxr 1100 front end lined up for my Katana track bike, including the 4pot calipers. What master cylinders have people had best results with these calipers? Ill be using braided hoses. I know I could use the one Suzuki intended for them, but I'm open to suggestions?
  10. GSX1100EX

    Sorry, that was a bit cryptic. I was watching it on Eblag umming and arring over it but decided to restrain myself. I'm glad it turned up here
  11. GSX1100EX

    I wondered where this would show up
  12. GSX-R motor in GSXF ?

  13. GSXR 750 1990 front end swap?

    Brembo rcs, or oe? @dupersunc
  14. GS1000 gauge cluster alternative

    Why do you want alternative? So that we can give more help; do you want something more modern? Or do you not like the look of the factory ones? I toyed woth the idea of keeping the factory binnacle and inserting a gps speedo into left dial space and using an aftermarket rev counter. In the end I went for an all in one speed hut gps unit-'cos I got lazy
  15. 7/11 seat unit