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  1. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    I use -8. Puts less load on the pump and (although negligible) keeps the oil cooler
  2. cam link pipes

    If its oil cooled problem might be using fully synth oil. Pressure is always only going to be a small amount from those takeoffs because the oilways in the rocker cover are open at the ends, theres no real restriction to allow pressure to build. Oil will take the easiest path which isnt into the cams. I would think theres more chance of loosing oil pressure to the cams from the high pressure supply bleeding off through the links. At the least they wont lubricate the cams any more at all given the supply to them is already at a higher pressure than the rocker cover supply will provide. They look trick though
  3. Lightest wheels for a slingshot

    Im pretty sure you can easily machine 5mm off the carrier sprocket land on srad stuff. Im pretty sure the sprocket offset difference between srad and oil cooled is virtually 10mm. If you measure from the center if the wheel to the inside face of the sprocket on oil cooled wheel and srad wheel the difference is what you need to loose. This is the most important measurement in doing any wheel swap. If its for a race bike, run a 520 chain, you can space the front sprocket out by the difference in thickness of 530 to 520
  4. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    I noticed the same thing. Upped the cooler and the head cooler size until I got pretty consistant running. I also found the placing makes a difference, i dont think mine would cool enough for the track use it gets if they werent sat unobstructed up front. But my cooling requirements are quite a lot
  5. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    I run a 10 row extra wide one. To be honest any size cooler would work. Little 13 row narrow one would sit in nicely i reckon
  6. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    Looks like theres enough space to mount one across the frame behind the carbs. That would be a bit different, could make a cool looking scoop either side to draw air in. I have one, it sits in front of the yokes, but so does my main cooler. They do make a difference, especially racing or on track. Any extra cooling capacity is a good thing
  7. Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    I used car window trim. Or some silicon hose slit down its length then ty-wrapped on every few inches
  8. Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    You can get self adhesive thermal sheet on Eblag, its for lining fairings. Really good stuff, get the heatsheild fitting how you want then stick some on, bit of trim round the edges. Pretty much the same as Yoshi ones then.

    Its all part of the fun.

    Ive got a mixture on mine too. Like Dupersunc says probably due to what was readily available at the time. And Bob liked to be different
  11. Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    @Rob21i tagged you in the post more to highlight the rules as it was getting a bit close. The other comments not from you were the main reason for my comments All is well now.
  12. Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    @CockneyRick RTFR! You are in the minority on slating a well respected OSS member here. Keep your petty opinion to yourself or take your attitude to somwhere it is welcome
  13. Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    Its not me. And it is your opinion that it is poor quality. I as well as many other people have used them and found them to be great and good value. Just because you dont agree doesnt give you the right to ignore the rules and slag a forum member off.
  14. Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    @Rob21 and @CockneyRick Please have a read of the rules, in particular number 16. Slagging off other forum members is not very OSS especially when they have done their best to rectify the situation with you. 16. OSS is NOT a feedback mechanism for poor goods and/or service you may have received from a supplier. It lacks the essential balance that allows the business in question to respond and/or offer an explanation hence it is open to abuse. If you experience difficulties with a transaction or service we recommend you take it up directly with the business in question and/or with Trading Standards. The OSS owner and admin team do not wish to be involved in any legal challenge that may result as a consequence of comments made on this site.
  15. B12 turbo project

    Might want to try the float height around 16mm, 14 is a bit high i found, You will struggle to get fuel pressure below 2psi, i run mine at 2.5 and its been fine for years. I just have to go over the carbs every 1000 miles or so and re-set the floats, they creep higher with use. Bike starts to get a but fluffy when they get too high. Another good tip is set your base fuel pressure with the carb supply blocked off, then connect to the carbs and check again. If it drops you have a float bowl leak.