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  1. Gsx1100g exhaust systems 4 into 1

    Don't know about over in the USA but there are end cans (2 of) on Eblag new for about £60 (from China) I got one last year stainless steel £33 and seems good gear. So I'd your looking for looks and a bit extra, then may be the way to go instead of named performance which has the extra price for the name
  2. jetting advice please?

    All these motor/carbs seem to be similar but all seem to have a slit different tweek, which seems to come down to zorst/end can. Had to play about with my gsx1100f engine Kat because I change the end can, from running just right to running rich at bottom end. (Pilot screw)
  3. Gsx1100g exhaust systems 4 into 1

    The bandit 1200 down pipes will go on (sump allowing) but 1. Not a performance down pipe. 2. Very heavy as they are double skinned. You would get just as much performance with your standard down pipes by putting a good set of open end cans and a rejet.
  4. jetting advice please?

    Ok, Mrs W, has gsxr1100k engine with b12 carbs in her bike, carbs are set with 150 main jets (dyna jets) needle in centre clip and pilot jets at 2.5 turns out. Bike has Cobra 4-1 with one off end can and K&N dual filters. Hope this helps.
  5. Hunting at Steadyy Cruise

    At 3000/4000rpm is where it comes off pilot jet and starts to go to the needle then the main jet. So yes, needle for me or may be the emulsion tubes are worn.
  6. Sealing cases

    +1^ I always use Kawabound, a thin smear over the flat silver mating surface only.
  7. Gsx1100g exhaust systems 4 into 1

    Sorry, should of been sump not dump the oil pick up is the bit that sticks down when you remove the sump pan, you need to have the matching one for the sump pan. Yes the b12 is the 97-05 all bandits use 4-1 as standard.
  8. Gsx1100g exhaust systems 4 into 1

    This is why I think teachers are NOT worth the pay they get
  9. Gsx1100g front end swaps?

    Not the same size wheel/tyre. You could have a look at some of the Suzuki custom bikes.
  10. Gsx750es k1 swingarm

    Welcome to OSS, Try looking at the project pages Ps we all like pics on here
  11. carb rubbers

    At least that bit is similar to the air cooled bikes
  12. 6 speed bandit 1200

    Looks good
  13. 6 speed bandit 1200

    Ps, is that the 400 bandit rear end on it (seat unit)?
  14. 6 speed bandit 1200

    You could put a DOT head on it.
  15. Gsx1100g exhaust systems 4 into 1

    I hope your not calling me young or sir, as I work for a living