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  1. hard to start

    As above, clean tape/get a rebuild kit, check the hose is in good nick. Best way, take tank off remove vac pipe from carbs (smaller one) attached to tape, put other end of pipe in mouth and suck, if fuel comes out of tape its OK Make shore the breather hole in the cap is clear as this can stop the fuel from flowing
  2. 77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    You know we are right
  3. Dixie

  4. GSX750 (New to Forum) - ENGINE UPGRADES ???

    The 750 katana motor is the same weight, unless you're meaning a gsx750f teapot WHICH IS NOT A KATANA and you will get so much sh#t for saying that The only why you are going to get more grunt is (if you can find one) a gsx1100 motor which are not cheep, or a gsxr/gsxr 1100 with new engine mounts (have a look on the main page as there are pics of the mounts you will need and a lot more grate stuff there). The standard gsx750et motors have not got much out there to make them go faster.
  5. 77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    +2 As to the 750 into the 650 frame, I believe the 750 engine is much bigger than the 650. You can put a 1000 into a 750 frame and the other way around and you can put the 850 top ends on the 750 motors. You can put a 650 top end on a 550. As to your chain align, is it the 5.5" rear wheel? If so you can use a gsx1100f power screen rear sprocket carrier which will give you more room in the swing arm and will bring the chain in to words the wheel, doing this on my ET project and using a 520 pitch chain. I'm told you can also use the gs500 (twin) rear sprocket carrier, but you will need to change the carrier bearing.
  6. GSX750 (New to Forum) - ENGINE UPGRADES ???

    As Viz says gsx1100et/efe, also gs1000, gsx750es, gsx750/1100f, gsxr750/1100. New engine mounts will be needed.
  7. Welcome to OSS The efe looks well, did you do the work? The only good thing with a purist, is someone to sell all the sh#t you don't want from your project and get some cash back
  8. B12 gear box in GSX1100F ?

    OK, this is getting into more work than I was thinking, so I will go back to plan one
  9. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    Miss W, has a 19 row 320mm wide cooler with a 8 row half width head cooler sat under the 19 row one. Works fine. PS welcome to OSS.
  10. rocker arm differences?

    Welcome to OSS, So let me get this right, you've got a gsx750f and you're down seizing it from a 750 to a 650 with a smaller port and valve head why? Most people look at going bigger and more power not smaller and less power.
  11. B12 gear box in GSX1100F ?

    Cheers, I take it you put the 1127 output bearing on the b12 box?
  12. cam link pipes

    I'm like you have been told more a cosmetic than oil flow, I have also been told the ones that have the line coming from the cam cover to the cams (external) works. My thinking is, it all helps
  13. B12 gear box in GSX1100F ?

    Dose anybody know if a b12 gear box will go into a gsx1100f power screen crank cases? Thanks.
  14. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    Welcome to OSS, nice bike the gsx