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  1. Bandit 1200 master cylinders

    Can anybody tell me if the mk2 b12 front master cylinders (brake and clutch) are the same as mk1? Will the leavers swop etc. Thanks.
  2. DOT head valve stem seals

    Nice one, thanks.
  3. Cam differences

    As you will know, the gsxr cams give more top end power over the standard b12 cams. The jr5 (I believe) will give the same sort of boost as you got when you swiped the b12 for the gsxr. Hope this helps, without going into slotted can sprockets etc.
  4. DOT head valve stem seals

    OK all, Sorting the DOT head I have, for the B12 motor that I'm rebuilding for the et project. My question is as I have a full gasket set for the B12, can I use the valve oil seals from the B12 on the DOT head valve oil seals ? Thanks
  5. GSX 1100 ET 1980

    Welcome to OSS. Two nice rides you have there
  6. Cheers all, can now do some playing with front end.
  7. Removing Front Sprocket Nut

    You could say, get a big stick, and if that dose not work get a bigger hammer, and if dose not work, get a fat mate.
  8. That's a good question, I know, using a GS/GSX 750,1000,1100 frame to get the ground clearance about 760mm ( or should I say I'm using gsxr1100k on my kat ) but this will be for a gs650 framed project, so may get away with a shorter fork?
  9. The gsxr750 slingshot are 730mm (rwu) the gsxr1100 slingshot are apx 760mm, don't know about the RF6 but, I fort the srad forks where 45mm diameter? Something in the back of my head says the RF6 forks where 41mm diameter?
  10. Looking at some gsxr600 srad (96-98 rwu) forks for a project, and I need to know what length they are? Was told by one person they are 775mm? Someone else told me 730mm? Both from top to center of spindle. Any help thanks.
  11. Removing Front Sprocket Nut

    I've always done the piece of steel bar (same as the wood but stronger) and it works every time just make you use a good seized bar once used a 25mm tube and ended up bending it now use a 20mm solid steel bar, with a 24" breaker bar. Job done
  12. Gsxr1100/b12 forks?

    OK all, I have a set of gsxr1100 slingshot rwu forks on my Kat, I have got some progressive fork springs from a b12 mk1. Will the b12 springs fit the gsxr1100? Cheers.
  13. 1978 Gs1000

    Check your STARTER MOTOR, as they are a 30 year old part and they may work but will be worn and can course slow turning over of the engine and power drain on the battery
  14. 1978 Gs1000

    Looking nice, as to the cranking slow, try a different starter or new brushes also try a extra earth wire (coming from one of the two 6mm bolts that hold the starter motor in place and run it to the frame/battery)
  15. Hi, Has anybody got any sizes for the gsxr750srad/gsxr1000 water cooled (carb model) motors? Main thing total high from top of can cover to top of sump cover? If anybody has a pic of one that would help as well, as I can see the angle of the carbs and how they relate to the rest of the motor. Thanks.