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  1. Rattling noise

    @Dorkburger +1! @gs7_11... sorry!
  2. Gsx750es k1 swingarm

    Welcome to OSS, Mario. And ... where's those pictures???
  3. Seat material colour.

    Thanks Kiwi. I'll get on to him.
  4. Seat material colour.

    Is there anyone out there with a blue/white 750F model Slabbie, with original blue seats? If so, do you think you could cut a small sample off the material overlap, under the seat and mail it to me? I'll pay your costs. My covers are black, so nowt to compare with. Is the 1100 models the same blue?
  5. Gsx1100g front end swaps?

    ZX9R maybe? 46mm stanchions?
  6. Gsx1100g front end swaps?

    Welcome to OSS, Slim! You could go RF900 or ZX9R RWU's too!
  7. 78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Nice one! But, the rate the soda comes out of the gun, 40lb 'ain't gonna last long.
  8. Mudguard mount.

  9. 78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Can't you post it here? We want to see it too!
  10. Mudguard mount.

    @Fazz711Thought as much. @eddiegsxYes! PM me some pics. It sounds like what I'm looking for.
  11. Mudguard mount.

    I'm looking for a mudguard and mounting for a Slingshot (RWU's). A lad has been in touch with the one in the picture. He says it's off a 750L model. Surely this can't be off the RWU's? To me it looks like a mount off the later USD's?
  12. Gsx750es options

    It'll be gone by then!!!
  13. Wheel colour

    Has anyone went to black 3 spokes on a blue/white 750 Slabbie? There's plenty about with white ones, but few with black! Pictures? Like to see what they look like before I commit!
  14. Slabbie Belly Pan

    Cheers, Si. I was looking at it on the phone. Can't enlarge pictures on there.
  15. Slabbie Belly Pan

    On the '85 750F model. The lower mounting hole (deeply recessed), that bolts to the lower engine plate. Is there a 'cushion' that fits into this hole? Can't make it out on the fische.