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  1. GSX 1100 ET 1980

    Hi Baz. Welcome.
  2. Cut and shut steering stem, safe or not ?

    You'll find it'll take at least 10 tons of pressure to get it out! Not surprised your vice surrendered!
  3. Cut and shut steering stem, safe or not ?

    As the R1 stem is alloy, I'd go with a B12 stem. Even a B6 one might do you? Take it along to your local engineering company, and they should press the two stems out, and re-fit the Bandit one for beer money!
  4. Removing Front Sprocket Nut

    Machine Mart are selling a Clarke one for £70 at the minute. I used it on the B12 clutch centre. Not locked off, no bits of wood in the wheel. Unbelievable! Well worth the money.
  5. 1978 Gs1000

    Yup! Agree with Wraith. Usually reliable as! And welcome to OSS!
  6. Spondon GSX1170

    Good project, nice story! There's a few I've sold over the years that I shouldn't have. Glad you got her back. Now the work begins!
  7. Gsx1100 front sprocket

  8. slabby 750 repalcement rear disc

    I would say yes, as they're all an alternative fitment for 750 Slab.
  9. oil pump drive gear

    If you go onto Alpha sports website, and have a look at the online Fisches, that'll tell you how many teeth which drive pinions have.
  10. Slabside/slingshot forks/yokes

    No! You're right.
  11. front end comparison guide

    Can't have too much info. Well spotted lads!
  12. boring vm29s on 750 slabby

    I believe the max you can bore to, on '29's is 33mm. What makes you think you need to bore the 29's out? They're a decent carb, when set up well GS Thou's fly with them!
  13. slabby 750 repalcement rear disc

    This might be a bit late in the day for you, but I've just came across this, buried in the 'puter! It may be useful to others? These are the same diameter (220mm) as Slabbie rear discs, but slightly thinner: '96 - '07 GSXR 750 '01 - '07 GSXR 1000 '03 - '07 SV 650/1000 '93 - '03 TL & TLR 1000 Plus, on a 240mm dia. (new hanger 'tho), the following; '88 - '94 GSXR750 '89 - '94 GSXR1100
  14. Swirl's Harris

    It's coming along great! Hats off to Sam for the fairing bracket!