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  1. forgot and nd info

    I'd have thought an old stager like you would've known the answer to that one! Me auld Welsh Rarebit!
  2. 1250 tank on a b12

    Fatbloke'll probably know!
  3. Robinsons have a sale on slabby valve stem oil seals

    OE are better, as are o rings.
  4. Brake Clipers

    Worse case scenario ... they leak. Source two better ones, and fit all your nice new bits into them. But, I'll be surprised if they don't hold pressure.
  5. Brake Clipers

    +1 Also, give the groove a smear of anti-corrosion grease before fitting the seals. Don't forget to give the seals a dose of Red Rubber Grease too!
  6. Decal set 1100ET

    Aye ... there's nowt the matter with Graham!
  7. Go on Alpha Sports website, find the fische you need, and it should give you sizes. Failing that, try Robinsons Foundary.
  8. Decal set 1100ET

    I did! Just asked! What's the worst that can happen? He packages well, so postage to NL wouldn't be a problem. Give him a bell!
  9. Decal set 1100ET

    Try Imageworks. 0115 944 3111.
  10. Dixie

    Go to 'Google Images' put year and model in, should get some ideas there.
  11. The braced arm looks better than the 'Banana' arm anyway. It's a good retro-fit.
  12. Imported these

    Yup! Nice find!
  13. GV73C frame with srewed shock mount?

    750WP had this top shock mount too! I suppose the 1100 that year was the same?
  14. 1100 ET/EX Swinging arm spindle.

    Beat me to it! Just came back on to edit my post to that effect!