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  1. Cobra SR-1 Bought it from Exactrep 18yrs ago Had a V&H supersport before that. Would like Simbec's 300mm Eagle Mach 7 think it"s well cool.
  2. Gs 550 disc swap

    Just the info I was looking for! Cheers for that, will read in full later, but get the general ldea.
  3. Gs 550 disc swap

    Sorry for the confusion, but at this stage of a build I get so many different ideas, and change lanes quite often, I have limited access to, engineering, tools, workshops or friends, so have to rely on part compatability,, (Frankinstien approach, or is it Fronkinsteen ) Two major problems with the slabside front end: Not going to start altering a set of 1986 GsXr 1100 yokes. I think that would be crazy, The other is it would mean I would not be able to fit wheels that I like, I have only got a set of 3 spoke CMA wheel for the slabby, and I wasn't that keen on them when they were fitted to the slabby one of the reasons i swapped them out for The CBr wheels. Don't worry you'll catch up!
  4. Fork length (1100 slabside)

    Full length, I got : 795mm for the fork with the pinch bolt 785mm for the fork with out Hope this helps
  5. Fork length (1100 slabside)

    Can measure tonight if it would help.
  6. Gs 550 disc swap

    Hi was wondering if gsx 1100 efe front discs are the same bolt pattern as Gs 550, would like to upgrade brakes / twin floating discs, and some twin pot calipers. Any help with this would be great.
  7. Slabbie arrives ...now what

    Get a fire extinguisher. Mount it like a nitros bottle.
  8. Online manuals?

    Cherrs! Good few Manuel's downloaded.
  9. Gs 550 wheel swap

    Cheers for that.
  10. Gs 550 wheel swap

    Starting a Gs 550 project, Currently on a set of spoked wheels that are past there best. Got some left overs from my slabby project. So!; Will slabside yokes fit Gs 550 with just a bearing change? Will a slabside rear wheel fit in original Gs swingarm? Also got a 4.5 slingshot rear wheel as a possible.
  11. Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    Who! you calling 4 eyes?!
  12. Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    Not hard bit of trimming. Done this last year it in my GsXr resto thread . "Not that anyone cares;"
  13. Slabby lock stops

    Did it twist? Used small dowel as a fix, also seated by filling.
  14. Slabby lock stops

    Not usd yokes, granted, but this is my non welding solution to slabby lock stop Remove old lugs make new lug driil / tap hole, file flat, also fitted dowel to stop twisting. it's all good !
  15. Gsxr Front seat comparability

    I like the idea, if I was going full race, this would solve my issue, I was wanting a seat I can remove as fuse / electrics are under seat for access, could always move them but where?!