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  1. Nitrous & Fuel Solenoids

    Thanks for the feedback @Gixer1460that explains a lot. Ill stick to mounting them vertically then. Thanks..
  2. OK dumb question of the decade. Can you mound Nitrous and Fuel solenoids horizontally, or do they have to be mounted vertically? All the installation pictures I have ever seen have them vertically mounted. Cheers..
  3. Inlet rubbers for RS36s

    J / K 750 models have the DOT head and different inlet angle. This is probably why they are different part numbers.
  4. 1200 mk1 head vs mk2

    As @jameskatsaid. Just the PAIR take off thingies. These can be blanked off with plates. MK-2 Carbs are spaced different, but that's down to the inlet rubbers. Ports are the same spacing.
  5. Inlet rubbers for RS36s

    Just measured a set of RS36 and yes the OD of the inlets on the cards are 42mm as you said. As @Gixer1460said K or L should work.
  6. Tire centered in frame??

    This was a quick mockup with the XJR swinger in a GS1000 frame. (Yes I know the shocks are the wrong was round)...
  7. Triple Clamps. Any CAD drawings?

    What front end are you planning on using ? What sort of yokes are you intending to CNC, stepped, race for clipons etc. etc.? These are some Iv designed for my EFE using GSXR1000 K8 front end..
  8. Tire centered in frame??

    I was putting a XJR 1200 swingarm in my GS1000. Pivot point needs machining down but its doable. Quite chunky looking.
  9. Swirl's Harris

    I like the catch tank. Looks the part with the Harris frame
  10. Bandit switch gear

    Just checked Alpha Sport, The part numbers for the right and left hand switch gear are the same on the 600 and 1200. That would suggest that the plugs are the same. But I'm sure there will be an adult along soon to confirm this.
  11. Tire centered in frame??

    Loving the engine cradle. That is a rely nice idea. I may just have to steal that idea for myself.
  12. Push pull throlttle, what are you using

    Same as @BlubberI had R1 fitted to my RS38's
  13. 40 though (2mm) Copper base gasket

    Ahhhh, good point.. Brain not working, it would be 80 thou, and I don't think they do a copper one that thick only aluminium.
  14. Quick question. When using a 40 though (2mm) copper base gasket / spacer plate, would you need to use standard base gasket as well ? Or would the copper seal ok? This will be used on a 750 / 815 long stroke short stroke hybrid. Cheers.. Why the heck have I put this in air cooled it should be in Oil cooled. Admin can you please move it.. Thanks..
  15. carbs 750m

    The 36's and the 38's are phically the same size. So no space issues. Think I'll use the 36's on the 750 for now. Cheers for the reply..