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  1. 750 DOT engine

    I just bought a teapot dot engine for 120 quid plus delivery. Ok it's not mint.
  2. Just swop the gear, but ye, partly why it's spare.
  3. Hi Chris welcome back. I ended up purchasing two full clutch assemblies to do this. So have a 1052 basket and 1127 hub spare...
  4. gsx1428 streetable?

    Unfortunately I had had my quotor of those when stinky got me in trouble in north Wales..
  5. Removing Front Sprocket Nut

    As @Dezza said, I got a cheepy Clarks one from Machine Mart a few years back, a bit bulky but does the job. Just make sure you invest in a decent set of sockets to go with it.
  6. Short forks

    You might me able to get longer for tubes. As far as I can remember the tube OD is a fairly common diameter. I would not recommend adding extensions to the top of them.
  7. GSXR 750 1990 front end swap?

    If you swap to later forks you may have to change the wheel due to the larger dia spindle. Or some funky tophats.
  8. one stupid wheel question...

    You've got to love our colonial friends. Sorry that's our ex-colonial friends..
  9. New bandit???????

    Just a quick question, @Dezza Would it be advisable to give is a dip in vinegar to neutralise the caustic soda, or would just a quick rinse with fresh water do ?
  10. New bandit???????

    Are they colour coded for left and right...
  11. micron header sleeve collets

    The larger ID will give it more top end if I'm right in my thinking, and rob some low to mid range. Out of interest where did you get the sleeve collets from..
  12. 750 rear disc

    Interesting, So why the new part number ?
  13. 750 rear disc

    Different part number, So possibly different OD ?
  14. micron header sleeve collets

    I suspect the best bet maybe to get some made up. At the end of the day they are just a stepped thick wall tube.
  15. New bandit???????

    Are you running R1 Yokes ? If so I have a Harris R1 top yoke you may be interested in.