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  1. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    Thinking outside the box.....Can you do anything with something like this https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/setrab-slm-slimline-oil-cooler-141mm-core-width-53-1074
  2. Slingshot racer- where to put crash bobbins?

    Of course you may still end up needing some T cut. Culprit here was the sticky out bit, This on came down from a very great height. It cracked the tyre.
  3. Slingshot racer- where to put crash bobbins?

    Having some experience of WEC can I pop in some notes. It's worth remembering that the bars and pegs are integral crash protectors, that you can't actually do without, so best use them to the max. You want them to deform slowly, absorbing energy as they bend. The trick is all in the type of alloy used if you want to survive. 7075 is very strong and is often quoted as the material used, but it's brittle on impact, 6082 is a better choice as it is much more elastic. Can be a good choice for Yokes as well, better to have a set of yokes that can bend as opposed to a really stiff set that just leaves you with forks that have snapped off at the bottom yoke. It makes getting the bike mobile again a lot more difficult. Is worth looking at your lock stops, a nylon bung mounted on the headstock casting that stops the fork leg is better than a lump on a yoke and a stop on the frame. Nylon to metal will distribute the loads and impact energy a lot better. Next trick is to make a triangle of the contact points,so that the bike can slide on it's side. You also want to protect the oil cooler, so set of bungs mounted off the front mount is what I would do. I think the trick here is to fit a set of tough engine covers and then match the length of the bungs to make the o/all width the same, not sticking out to protect the fairing. A long/strong lever that sticks out of the side, is just begging to hook into a kerb and start the bike flipping and cartwheeling. Oh and those bits of hose around the end can, just fashion. The original idea of these is that you have a couple of loops of fencing wire wrapped around the can with the hose to stop it destroying the finish on the pretty can. The wire is twisted into a rope and tied onto the subframe, in an off that trashes the exhaust hanger you can keep going for a while without the can going walkies.
  4. Gearbox wear

    That is through the case hardening, I would not trust it.
  5. another fork option?

    Thanks Foz, I modded a standard top and anodised it, which looks cool. Will get back to you if I can't get a clock mount on there, I may need something with a bit more meat for fasteners.
  6. another fork option?

    OOH, care to share, I'm busy designing some as we speak, but they going to cost.
  7. another fork option?

    ^This. Brakes wise. I've got a 955 yoke set happy in a Boiler, drops straight in, but fork length is a minor/horrible issue. I can grab 3mm by machining off the topnut and using a GSX shim style top bearing seal. This gets me absolutely flush on the forks in the yokes and will dictate how the bike will work. Now what I think this means is that the bike is going to be 5mm lower than it could be, minimum. I can get it steering on the rear and the tyres, but think it's going to be compromised on lean angle. Road use and my abilities +/ok. Track weapon and some of the idiots that I know, severely compromised.
  8. another fork option?

    Trumpet 955i Daytona is an option as well. Bearings and stem lengths work with Water Boilers, no dramas. 45mm, adjustable and longer than 45mm 600 SRad forks.
  9. Ok, I'm trying to help, see if anything that I've got here will inspire you. BTW, I think it's all WR. Linkage may be wp.
  10. Ok, well that shock looks more 315 than 310 so lets see if we can fix it. I'm trying to do this. Similar sort of packaging. Ohlins has a lower bottle, K5 sits higher. They come out at 325 so possible to run longer bones on the WR/S arm or maybe run a 750 WP linkage with the over braced arm, I think there may be an advantage there. I have no doubt that a grown up will be along in a minute with the asnswer.
  11. I'm just not expecting a casting, at least with the bolt on top mount you have some options. I can see how that shock should work with a WP banana Arm, with the overbracing I can't see it. I have a K5 shock here, doing nothing, that I can send over, but I can't see that it's going to help. Length is 325, but the bottle sits much higher. If you want it, drop me a line.
  12. Sorry, but that top shock mount looks all sorts of wrong.
  13. bandit dot head

    Is that a side stand or am I missing something?

    Sweary Bob's drawings, designs and collaborations with Phase One regularly mixed Imperial and Metric dimensions. Things like spindle diameters are quoted in mm with tolerances in Thou. Lengths are often described as 18" + 5mm. Proper Engineering.
  15. Lightest wheels for a slingshot

    Can't find Imperial Google, do I need to log on through a Proxy Server based in the US?