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  1. Jetting for V&H Pipe on standard 1100

    it came with 112.5 mains and 45 pilots, I've removed the air box lid as well. I'm going to leave it as it is for now and get it back on the road and then maybe take it somewhere with a dyno once its road legal. its not 100% but its useable for now. Interesting about the 130 mains as on the website it said 122.5 which is what I've fitted, maybe that was for the US? or are there different V&H pipe specs maybe.
  2. GSX 1100 pod filters vs. airbox

    I suspect it will need up- jetting for the exhaust and for the filters since you have the pod filters already best to get the jets setup fro them if you can, are there any other symptoms when you say asthmatic?
  3. Jetting for V&H Pipe on standard 1100

    Cheers Rick, I've re jetted and adjusted the float that was leaking and its much better not sure if its 100% though yet so will re fit the air box and balance the carbs and see how I get on if its not right then I'll go for some new rubbers. V&H recommended 122.5 mains and 47.5 pilots and it does seem much better with them.
  4. Jetting for V&H Pipe on standard 1100

    Yes stock clips but hard rubbers. I adjusted the floats which improved things slightly but went too far with one carb dribbling fuel so had to call it a day. I’ve ordered the jets specified by V&H so will fit them sort out the float and try again. If it’s no better I’ll go over the rubbers and check for leaks I’ve not seen any splits so far.
  5. Jetting for V&H Pipe on standard 1100

    Update; Got it running over the weekend and it has a few issues it seems to be running lean, still running with no air-box fitted yet, I wanted to make sure carbs were okay before re-fitting the standard air box. Anyway I've sealed of the vac pipe and will check the seal on the manifolds tomorrow and if still no better will lower the float height as when I re-built the carbs I had to adjust them quite a bit to get to the 22.4 mm setting quoted in the manual. Also the jets are standard and according to the V&H site I need to go up one size in the pilots and a few on the mains. So the latest question is all things being equal how much worse would you expect it to run with no air-box or filters because I want to get it as good as possible before I have a big fight with the air-box and frame! FYI symptoms I'm getting are erratic idle speed, popping and revs very slow to drop after being revved and its not smooth when the throttle is opened.
  6. Jetting for V&H Pipe on standard 1100

    Thanks both, the carbs are 34's on mine and the jets and everything seem to be standard according to my Haynes manual. tho old plugs were black when I took them out but that could mean it was run on the choke or the floats were out so I can't rely on that to prove anything. I'll get it running and take it from there but if it does needs jets and further tuning the question about bigger carbs comes into play as it could be worth going through the same amount of work but with bigger carbs but the question is are the standard carbs a restriction with just a pipe and what kind of gains would you expect from the GSXR Carbs and dual filters which I believe is the preferred option?
  7. Jetting for V&H Pipe on standard 1100

    Anyone running a Vance & Hines 4 into 1 pipe with an otherwise standard GSX11OO , If so what jetting works? Just to re-cap the bike is a barn find and I've not had it running yet been going through everything and hopefully should be ready to try and start it by weekend but when I stripped and cleaned the carbs the jetting is standard, since the bike came with the pipe already fitted and it looks as if its been on for a long time I assumed it would have already been jetted to suite but it hasn't. According to the V&H website it says run 122.5 mains and 47.5 pilots with the air box lid removed can anyone confirm if this is correct for the UK? If need be I can take it somewhere and get it on a dyno and jetted properly but not sure yet if I need to. Also if I have to spend money with jets and dyno's, is it worth going to bigger GSXR Carbs to get some more oomph or is that a wast of time on a standard engine? Thanks once again and here is a picture of the pipe, which has been blasted and is being re-painted at the moment.
  8. ES Electrical probs

    Cheers guys I’ve got it working now, the clutch switch works but the side stand doesn’t but I can live with that. It just seems weird that I have to pull the clutch to start the bike even when in neutral with the neutral light showing. I don’t know if that is normal or not or a US thing?
  9. ES Electrical probs

    Progress update on the starting issue; after going through cleaning and checking all connections I found the side stand switch doesn't work but as it stays open circuit all the time I think this should be fine for now. Also struggling to find a pattern replacement I've seen rear brake light switches that look to have a similar fitment so will see if one of these can be adapted as they are cheap. Also managed to get it to spin over with the clutch pulled in which is real progress, but testing continuity of the switch it does seem to open and close when pulled, so not sure if you have to pull the clutch to start the bike even in neutral with the side stand up which seems a bit strange, anyway making slow but steady progress which is great. Onward and upwards !
  10. ES Electrical probs

    Thanks Cap'n, thought it was some kind of mega bodge !
  11. ES Electrical probs

    Thanks guys, I’ve shorted the starter solo noid and it spins over perfect so must be an interlock somewhere. I’ve pulled the sprocket cover to check the wiring there and as expected it was gummed up but the cover is filled with expanded foam is that normall, never seen it on any other bike? Anyway I’ll check out the suggested thread later cheers.
  12. ES Electrical probs

    More questions now that I finally have a new battery on my US import 1100es, After confirming that the 8 yr old dry battery that the bike came with couldn't be revived I fitted a new Motobatt today and finally started to test the electrics. First off was getting rid of the indicators being on all the time which was just a wire disconnection, so far so good. Next tried and failed to stop the head and tail lights being on all the time and after checking my Haynes manual wiring diagram the only differences I can see are with the light switch, so I believe I need to get hold of a UK light switch, is that correct? Then onto the dipped beam which seems to dip the right way I.E. down to the left which is good. Finally tried to spin it over but nothing at all no clicks or nothing. All fuses are Okay, stripped and cleaned the starter button that was all tarnished all connections from starter button are good, then I noticed the side-stand light was on, so bypassed it but its still on ? I am assuming this is my problem but don't really know where to look next, btw neutral light is on and always has been. Any ideas ?
  13. GSX1100 ES Exhaust bolt thread ?

    Thanks guys everywhere seems to say M8 but unless my eyes are playing up they measure 6 mm across the shank of the bolts. I have some titanium fork bottom pinch bolts from my old zx9r that fit but I can’t find their size either.
  14. GSX1100 ES Exhaust bolt thread ?

    Can anyone confirm the thread size & pitch for the exhaust manifold bolts only I've snapped one and need to buy the right Tap set, it measures as M6 with my calipers but there is conflicting info on the pitch, can anyone confirm thanks. BTW it already has Allen bolts which appear to be steel it there any other material that won't corrode into the Alloy head, Stainless, chrome, Titanium ?
  15. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    I agree obviously, its also the cheapest way into GSX1100 ownership which helps as well.