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  1. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    Thanks both of you, For the carb rubbers I will make do for now as my shopping list and spend is going up and up allt he time! The carbs themselves don't seem to bed but I haven't opened them up yet but I can hear the floats rattling and the slides move freely so fingers crossed, but you'r right they need doing properly. when I've finished the engine and electrics I'll crack on with the Carbs, I'm staying with them because they should be already jetted for the V&H pipe it came with so I expect that's the simplest hence cheapest option for now.
  2. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    Great advice thanks very much, wasn't thinking of disturbing the cams unless anything is obviously amiss but will be doing the valve clearances and oiling the valve train with clean oil before i fill it up. Also Just put the battery back on after 3 days on charge and a top up of distilled water it was showing 12.8 volts after the charge but nothing doing voltage showing as 11 volts so I think its buggered, it not been used for a few years so was clutching at straws really, will connect a spare car better next time and confirm if its the battery which I strongly suspect it is as all the fuses seem good. Keep up with the great advise guys I'm getting some really helpful stuff from all of you
  3. Katana frame brace

    Stunning bike and awesome skills there, I also love the paint colour are you keeping it or changing it?
  4. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    A few more pictures I know how we all lie pictures I've had 3 days so far working on it so each picture is the end of each day, got all the big bits stripped now so I can get at everything. I'm waiting for a big box of service bits and gaskets to come and then I'll crack on with the engine checks and service. The only bummer is that I snapped one of the exhaust studs of but at least its fairly accessible so I'll probably be fighting with that for the rest of the week!
  5. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    Thanks for the advice Dezza they were rock hard getting them off, heating them with a heat gun seems like the best idea for the first re-fit. Mick-ne - your right I have a right list already and that's just to get it working never mind modded but as you say its for me so it needs to be how I want it. I will also apply man maths to the costs so it will all be fine in the end.
  6. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    Thanks Fjbj40 I'll have a look for the dots on the brake pedal and clamp, didn't know about that and will also try to lower the silencer slightly if I have to be slotting the mounting hole I only need a few mm. I'm going to drop the sump and clean the strainer as well to be safe.
  7. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    Thanks for the welcome guys; ref the seat seeing as it is in great condition I will probably get it re-shaped to similar to standard - so thanks for confirming that it can be done, any recommendations for someone to do it as I do agree it ruins the lines of the bike? Also a few questions now that I've had a few days fiddling with it; 1- it has a V&H pipe but it seems to get in the way of the brake pedal, it was all loosely fitted when it arrived, come to think of it both sets of footrests were loose so not sure what that's all about. Anyway I read on the V&H adverts elsewhere that sometimes the footrests have to be modified so wonder if this is the case or is it just a case of getting the brake pedal in exactly the right position? 2- Carbs- were a real PITA to get off is there a trick to getting them back on easily with the air-box? Also while I'm on about carbs I've not looked at them yet but if they are gummed up is it worth spending money on them or better to by some newer GSXR carbs and get some more performance for similar cash to fixing the old ones? 3- Finally the engine as far as I can tell it hasn't been on the road for 5 yrs, so I will be checking as much as possible and fully servicing it but not striping and re- building - fingers crossed! Are there any specific common issues on this engine as I believe they are solid, I've heard about starter clutches, clutches and manual cam chain tensioners, is there anything else I really need to look at? Cheers in advance
  8. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    I believe its a Corbin, for Americans ? when you sit on it ti feels like a chopper with the high ish bars and low seat. I presume your taking the p___
  9. Newbie - GSX1100 resurection

    Evening all, I've been lurking for a while and have just recently taken delivery of this GSX1100, which some of you may have seen on Eblag, please don't tell me paid to much for it! Anyway I've had enough of sportsbikes and have took some time to decide what I really want from a bike and this fits the bill perfectly. The plan is to get it working, get it registered and ride it this summer before looking at upgrades next winter. Here are the original pictures of it and to be honest its not to bad, it's not been used for a few years according to the paperwork so will be focused on just re-commissioning it and getting it all working for now, anyway here are the pics. PS - I know the seat is horrible so no need to mention that but other constructive comments welcome Cheers