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  1. New addition

    Nice! Any plans for it?
  2. Electrics

    85 slabby will have twin pickups, so you'd need to put the twin pickups and rotor on the 1100 motor. Should be straightforward enough though. Just don't rev the tits off it...
  3. GSX1100 E?

    Just thinking of chopping the end of a scrapper to lose that cafe loop thing
  4. GSX1100 E?

    Also, what @vizmansaid
  5. GSX1100 E?

    Looks ET to me, deffo an ET tank at least. B12 swinger goes in with top hat spacers, plenty of folk on here can make then for you. If your staying twin shock then you'll need mounts welded to the arm; again load of folk on here can point you the right way B12 front ends go right in but you'll need to swap steering stems iirc as the B12 is quite long. You'' find all the bits you need here! Keep the pics coming! Once you suss out exactly what model it is, id suggest asking about for either a scrap frame or an imported frame that would be ballache to get on the road (no NOVA docs etc) and chop the arse off that and blue glue onto yours
  6. Garrett T3 turbine housing compatibility?

    Because I’m a tart! thats what I’ll end up doing I reckon if I can’t sort it.
  7. I've got a not long rebuild Garrett T3 that I took off my old shonky sierra before it died of tinworm, The turbine housing is missing off it though and the standard sierra cos housing is internally gated. Anyone know what else used the T3 that I could pinch an externally gated housing off? I would stay internally gated but I don't think theres room for the wastegate actuator as its a bit tight down there (ooer!) Pic for OSS content
  8. 1052/1127 differences

    I know that’s why I’m trying to get all the bits on the cheap Hopefully there’s an 1127 bottom end going that I can trade bits for and I’ll just give that a refresh. Fingers crossed all the bearings will be within spec
  9. 1052/1127 differences

    I would prefer not to pull my 1052 to bits to be honest but it comes down to pennies at the end of the day! I've rather foolishly set myself a bit of a challenge to see how cheaply I can stick a turbo motor together!! I've got the run of a decent machine shop and loads of bits to trade/swap so I'll see what I can find. Got 1127 barrels, turbo headers and busa pistons and a load of other odds and sods off a mate, there may be an 1127 bottom end coming my way too that needs a rebuild so fingers crossed if I can get that I'll keep the 1052 in one piece Then it'll just be shells and gaskets to pay proper money for!
  10. 1052/1127 differences

    Are all the heads interchangeable too? So far I’m looking at a set of 1127 barrels rebored to suit my pistons; then either build up a bitsa 1127 bottom end or use my 1052 engine
  11. K8 1000 Swingarm mod chain sprocket alignment

    As @MeanBean49said, I made tophats to put the swingarm slightly offset to centralise the wheel to the frame. Using an oil cooled engine too so I'm unsure what the alignment would be like with a proper EF engine. I mustve struck lucky with my wheel swingarm combo as theres wasn't any need for machining on the wheel. Just a few spacers to knockup
  12. Exhaust port spacing

    I've got a mint tinkered with T3 off my old shonky sierra but the exhaust housing went AWOL when I lent it to someone for mocking up Also the flange that's on these headers is only 2mm thick and bodged on to boot. I'll make one out of some 8mm plate I've got kicking about. Need to find a plenum now!
  13. Exhaust port spacing

    Brilliant thanks @Captain Chaosand @clivegto Looks like this will be a goer then once I’ve stuck a new flange on it and found a T3 turbine housing!
  14. Exhaust port spacing

    Anyone have the measurements to hand? Nowhere near the bike for a few days and I’ve been given some turbo headers but I’ve no idea what they’re off!
  15. 1052/1127 differences

    I’ve had a mooch through the archives and can’t really find anything definitive; Whats interchangeable between the two 1100 engines? I’m currently mooching and swapping to get bits to put a turbo engine together, I’ve got 1127 barrels and busa pistons and another member in here has gifted me a load of bits and bobs but I don’t want to jump into a building the engine without knowing what’ll work and what won’t! Will an 1127 crank go into 1052 cases or 750 cases for that matter? Would I need to match the clutch baskets to whatever crank I use? I know I’m best finding a complete 1127 to rebuild but I haven’t got 500 quid kicking about!