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  1. Base spacer

    I was hoping to avoid doing any maths i’ll have to break out the dti and the calculator!!
  2. Base spacer

    B12 motor, Gen1 busa pistons AND rods. Any ideas what thickness base spacer i’ll need to get to around 9.5:1? i believe the busa rods are a touch stronger than the bandit ones? Anyone have any input?
  3. Running clearance

    Its going to 0.050 Ta folks
  4. Running clearance

    Yeah sorry, its a B12 engine. Currently being bored to 81mm to accept Busa pistons. The barrels are bored, they just need taking to final size. I wasn't sure if standard bandit clearances would apply or not
  5. Running clearance

    Anyone know what it should be offhand? Busa pistons and my block is ready for its final bore but I can’t find any info on what running clearance we need
  6. Busa pistons

    I got bored waiting for the Gen2 ones to be given to me, so I bought some Gen1 with rods for not much moolah! Gonna have a think about which rods to use to get to my desired CR. Which I also need to have a think about!
  7. I didn't find my old Katana but I did find this...

    Not too far away from loads of us then!! Kat looks a good 'un
  8. Frame building

    Company called 'one offs' in Liverpool might be able to sort you out? http://www.oneoffslimited.co.uk/ I havent built a full frame from scratch but I built this from a headstock and downtubes. Getting the joints right and double checking alignment after every tack and full weld is key. Was for me anyway I will add I worked in an engineering shop at the time and their MIG was very forgiving, not been able to replicate the welding on this frame with my little clarke turbo thing at home! YET!!
  9. B12 Cam caps

    Ah ok, didn’t know the cam covers were different! I’ve got B12 cases/crank/rods 1127 barrels, 1216 pistons and that’s my lot so far so nothing set in stone!
  10. B12 Cam caps

    I’ll be strapping a turbo to it in time so a dot would be a waste really, plus I’ve got a B12 crank so i’ll need cams to match. If you’re giving one away though i’ll Take it off your hands!
  11. B12 Cam caps

    It’s a very bare head I’ve picked up cheap, for what it’ll cost for cars, valves and rockers etc I’ll be better getting a complete head I reckon. Advice duly noted for future reference though This ‘1216 for cheap’ idea is going to go VERY wrong I can feel it
  12. B12 Cam caps

    For the price of a new head it not worth the risk then. Itll do for mocking up
  13. B12 Cam caps

    Would I be right in thinking the a head is pretty much scrap without them unless I go down the road of line boring etc?
  14. Turbo bandit

    That pump does have a built in regulator but it wont be 1:1 rising rate so you'll end up with the same issues
  15. New addition

    Nice! Any plans for it?