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  1. Bandit 1200 fork stanchion problem..

    So you twated it with a hammer, good man
  2. Bandit 1200 fork stanchion problem..

    I might know for a good set of mark 1 standard forks?? any good
  3. How many hp is yours, mines 150 ish at yhe wheel semi synthetic oil all suzuki steel and friction plates one std suzuki spring and a barnett heavy duty one, never slipped yet in 9 years, make sure the barnett on is h/d as they do direct replacment standard ones that are the same as the suzuki ones.. Aint chaep but i will always use them..did you use the origional steeles??
  4. Stick to genuine suzuki, ive had a couple 8f 1200 banditS 7In various states of tu Ne..well 14 actually, the only ones ive ever had clutch problems with have had after market plates
  5. So whats happend to your "crap type" bandit clutch then?? Mines been in there 9 years i fitted totally genuine Suzuki plates with one h/d spring and its dealt with 150 RWHP with out ever slipping and i use mine almost exclusively on tracks, why bother fixing something thats not broke
  6. Cut and shut steering stem, safe or not ?

    6 ton actually and 4 to press the bandit one in
  7. 1100 (1991) USD fork swap with hayabusa '08+

    Ill try and remember as im at work and all my info is on my home computer... I used 2015 forks and calipers, the wheel is bandit 1200 but 1100/750 slingshot is the same, 310 mm discs from a slingshot same diameter as the later hayabusa, with 4mm spacers behind the discs made from old disc centres to centralise the disc in the calliper's, the gsxr/b12 speedo drive needed 4 mm machined off of it to fit, I used a zx600r spindle which was machined down to fit, cant remember exactly what I did, but just made it fit.. the bottom yoke is early Haybusa or TL1000 I cant remember which but its 55mm hole size, the top yoke was originally 2 welded together to retain the ride height, but in the end I had a stepped shiny one made up. .the biggest pain was making the mudguard fit, I already had it painted like the rest of the bike, it needed 4 tiny brackets made up to line the holes up
  8. 1100 (1991) USD fork swap with hayabusa '08+

    2015 hayabusa forks, 1200 bandit wheel, discs and modified speedo drive ( same as 1100 slingshot) modified Ka**saki wheel spindle, one off stepped yoke as the busa forks are waaaay to short for the 1100..obviously I've used a bandit stem but as meanbean says the slingshot stem fits with different bearings,
  9. Cut and shut steering stem, safe or not ?

    slingshot on the left bandit on the right
  10. Cut and shut steering stem, safe or not ?

    Not with a slingy stem you didnt, the bandit 6 and 1200 stems are about 20mm longefR Than a slingy one , i have sevseal of both in the shed i can measure. All of the 20 or so usd slingy front ends ive fitted to bandits have had stem change
  11. Gsxr600srad forks size?

    What project??? teh 600 srad are very beefy good forks, a mate raced one and when set up the thing handles and braked brilliantly, 400 bandit forks are really spindly by comparison, how much length do you need??? 1200 bandit ones are 43mm and 770 mm long but have bugger all adjust ability except spring comp..
  12. Cut and shut steering stem, safe or not ?

    You want one of these you do, piece of wee wee...
  13. Gsxr600srad forks size?

    as the 750 and 600 frames are the same and the wheel and the forks are interchangeable, even though ones rwu and one usd, they must be the same length. 750 ones I had recently were 725-730mm
  14. Cut and shut steering stem, safe or not ?

    Just fit the bandit stem to the r1 yokes, if they are the same size press out press in easy, if not make up a sleeve to fit or use slingshot 750 yokes as they are I believe , 50/54mm as well
  15. New bandit???????

    Just a thought