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  1. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    I thin k he meant the head cooler not the main one
  2. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    Nope, run it leave for a couple of minutes and check the oil level, havent noticed any increase due to drainning
  3. Engine paint

    Oi less of the fatboy, Chubbster slingshot grey
  4. Engine paint

    1200 bandit engines are not black, they are very dark grey, and the scania chassis paint is for slingshot engines
  5. Engine paint

    This has been discussed many times on the bandit forum and the consensus is the best match is Volvo dark grey code 228 not tried it myself but will be getting a tin soon for a new engine I have acquired.
  6. Alternater gear?

    No idea ricky, but the number of teeth came from the parts fiche, and corresponds to the Suzuki part numbers??? and any alternator will fit any oil cooled as long as you get the gear on the alternator and change that to match the one on hte engine..
  7. Alternater gear?

    750 g,h have 34/68 750 j,k,l,m have 30/64 1100 g,h,j,k,l,lm have 37/66 b6 have 34/64 b12 I cant remember but have it written down at home
  8. B12 harness?

    Basically Yes,, except the 1995 first model ones with 1156 cast into the blocks had gsxr cdis and different wiring looms, all the ones after that with no cc casting are the same , you can use 600 mark 1 looms as well, they only have one horn plug and carb heater plugs but work just the same..
  9. Slabbie arrives ...now what

    That paint job is soooo bad it looks cool
  10. My work here is done

    Fliipin' 'eck martin, that was on the bench there last year when i came and got the seat off of you, crack on. But more to the point Bugger me thats shiny
  11. 1127 oil pump and alternator gears.

    1127 is 37 for oil pump and 66 for alternator according to alpha sports
  12. Alternatives for Bandit 12 clocks

    the fuel gauge worked just fine when full it read H empty it read C the rev counter read exactly the same as a 1200 one as well Didn't get much chance to work out where it went on reserve as i only used it twice once at pembray then at snetterton on track days about 8 years ago, then someone offered me a big pile of cash for it so i stupidly sold it
  13. Alternatives for Bandit 12 clocks

    Nowt plug and play, like captain says its important weather its mk 1 or 2, but i fitted some gsxr 400 clocks once to a mark 1 b12, used the temp gauge for fuel guage and swoped all the other pins over in the plugs so all the idiot lights and rev counter worked, i cant get the pictures as they are in my blocked account with phot bucket, also used 400 bandit white faced clocks they looked smart hang on found it red line was a bit tooo high for a 1200 engine so i used a shorter throttle cable
  14. B12 Cam caps

    I was given a dot head once with 2 missing, I also had one with smashed valves and combustion chamber, so had nothing to loose, I used the caps from the other head and the cam when torqued down was very tight, I did as in clives comment, took the followers out and used the finest grinding paste I could find and span them until the cams spun easily. checked with plastiguage and it was fine, it was fitted to a b12 years ago and it went like fek.and as far as I know still going. I guess I was just lucky
  15. b12 mudguard choices

    gsxr 750 j