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  1. heated heeeeead rests?
  2. engine mounts are the same.....straight swop.
  3. i got a 750 et engine/carbs/cdi/reg-rec (in the for sale section) that'd go in until you can sort the 11
  4. 6/750/11 oil boilers fit, but the mighty aircooled 11 motor won't (without elongating)
  5. riding......cosmo had an 1100 waterboiler in a slabby 11
  6. chaka khan
  7. too.....probably the same dude...
  8. The 'hokey cokey' Kid
  9. that a modified shafty frame?
  10. 3 hail marys full of grace....
  11. ....i was thinking 'that tank would look bang-on if.......'
  12. ...that and library fines....and Beowald
  13. finally got the genuine mirrors...... ....that's the kinda talk where flasks get sealed, crocks get curled and anoraks get un-zipped