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  1. Help needed

    no...... .....i'll delete any thing with more than 2 wheels.....unless the extra one or two wheels are on the end of a set o' wheelie bars
  2. Blowthrough 34mm Cv carbs question

    like the man said, carbs are totally oblivious to the fact.....but i've only ever used standard on blow through (because that's what i had)
  3. i've had 1 dr800 1 dr750 2 dr650 and a dr600.....i liked the 600 the best, they need thrashing.
  4. Gsxr 1100 L

    whatever you think it's worth.....
  5. Gsx '81 gauges ratio??

    welcome to OSS.info no idea what the rpm/kph ratio is, as for whether your rev/tach counter is cable or electronic just look at the back of the clocks, you'll soon find your answer
  6. Air Shifter for Efe

    I'll stick it in the post next week or you can ride over this weekend and collect it
  7. Air Shifter for Efe

    free to you sheep
  8. Air Shifter for Efe

    this is it.... has a bypass switch, simple design, don't know how good* it is but it works.... *might be ok for street use
  9. Air Shifter for Efe

    i have an electric ignition cut out shifter kit you can have @Sheepif you want it, i'll dig it out and post some pics for you.
  10. Affordable oversize valves and titanium retainers

    welcome to OSS.info please take 5 to R.T.F.R
  11. 1100 piston dimensions needed

    welcome to OSS.info AWESOME.....the shitters' been backed up for ages, you can take a look at it
  12. ES Electrical probs

    damaging your ear drums?
  13. GSXR slingshot M Steering damper - 1992 ( 91 model )

    as dupersunc said.... .....decent tyres with correct pressures will make a huge difference....especially if it's been sat for 10+ years, check/re-grease/replace/as applicable steering-suspension bearings. then if you can still get it twitchin'....set up the suspension as it may be on 'Japanese racing snake' settings. and if you still get it twitchin' after that invest in a steering damper
  14. Mounting green dyna coils on a slabby

    MotOmangler.inc branching out from exhaust hangers.....i'd love to be a scrap man in your neck of the woods
  15. Back in the day 2 ....

    that's enough of the hiya-blusha chit-chat........