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  1. soooo kooool Clive, soooo kool.
  2. RAU GS1000 Trickframe Racer

    wash your mouth out
  3. Italian Bandit

    well.......i'm calling bullshit on any blandit that retains its standard headers......especially with 2 stroke style nonsense rear pipes.
  4. just type 'thermostatic fan switch' into gaybay
  5. Slabside engine mounts

    view of the dudettes front engine mounts blocked by turbo system.....
  6. Slabside engine mounts

    the back/rear engine/frame mounts on the 750/1100 are the same it's the bottom and front engine/frame mounts that are different between the 750/1100 slabbys
  7. Slabside engine mounts

    ....i could take the mounts off the dudettes slabby 1100...... ....but if you're too bizzy chasing chickens to take the ones off your slabby 750 to compare, then i've got a kitty to chase
  8. Slabside engine mounts

    @clivegtoi know it's not what you asked for but these are slabby 750 mounts, the bottom and front ones are slightly different to the slabby 1100. i'll have another rummage to see if i can find the 1100 mounts. (i've placed the mounts as veiwed from the r/h side of the bike)
  9. GSF1200 Swingarm conversion

    welcome, please take time to RTFR and read through the forum..... .......my advice.
  10. Before I go and buy this one...

    i pushed it outside for its annual bask
  11. Before I go and buy this one...

    the dudettes kat hasn't done any chicanes in a long time.....
  12. Gsx1100 upgrade

    it only needed to
  13. Gsx1100 upgrade

    nope.....i've seen a 6 second 'efe' lump with no oil cooler......
  14. Double- Bubble

    i also had to 'hold his hand' one time when buying his second or third tl........ ....trackstag is looking good Heeeed, swingarm looks ossum'
  15. Double- Bubble

    we're gunna need a bigger bubble