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  1. ....different paint.....different wheels.....etc etc
  2. and i'm no 'expert'
  3. i'd leave the tutorials to those who are 'experts'....but a step by step of how you approach painting oss oriented motorcycle parts would/could/may be of interest to site users... i've painted plenty of cars/bikes/helmets/etc.... we used to hold sm designs airbrush classes in our garage/workshop/paintbooth with the age of the internet a lot of 'black arts' are up on youtube or have dedicated forums. painting is easy..... but prep work and years of fuck-ups is hard to master and takes time..... ....i'm not trying to shoot you down baldrick, every painter/bodyshop/artist/etc i have ever met have their own approach to prep/paint/equipment.
  4. i'm running rs36's on my 1216
  5. welcome
  6. welcome.....start ripping it apart, might not be as bad as you think
  7. looking good
  8. wot he said
  9. sata mini gun
  10. you, gee, ell, why ...... you ain't got no alibi, you're ugly....
  11. welcome
  12. ahhh, i see, we went for a little more length, not full on drag slots, but a tad longer than usual.
  13. when fitting the dudettes slabby with a bottom braced metmachex/6 inch oz rear we cut off the eccentric adjusters, and i drew up some alloy slots with a step in one side, yan(BFT) made them up for us. it allowed the use of the chunky 21st century rear hoop sit in the narrow late 80's swinger.
  14. i've never seen a two smoker sharing an expansion chamber
  15. funny....i thought you'd have a sense of humour with you owning a Italian tractor