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  1. 1st gear noise

    gearbox output shaft bearings make 'supercharger' whines when they're fooked
  2. New catch tank

    make two
  3. GSX 1100 EFE wheel swap

    tsk tsk Tom
  4. GSX 1100 EFE wheel swap

    @boilerdudei find it's a privilege to have access to the internet and platforms such as OSS, where we can log/debate/share our experiences.... my 'showng you the exit' comment was not a threat, more a gentle reminder that if you don't like it here you can always move along, please RTFR. we have site users that visit and post frequently, some that visit frequently but only post now and again and every combination of viewing/posting ratios you can think of due to work/family/holiday/illness/etc.... so please don't get your panties bunched-up if the answer your looking for isn't instantaneous, the same 'bunched panties' applies if you get answers but they still don't answer your question. i hope you change your attitude and stick around to share your OSS shenanigans.....have a few days on the quiet step. if you don't change your attitude we bid you farewell.
  5. GSX 1100 EFE wheel swap

    everything is easy if you are shown...... ......i can show you the exit if it's all a bit much for you.
  6. Opinions on this mess?

    kool....keep the beast alive there is no 'us and them' you can only speak for yourself.....unless you're the glorious leader
  7. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    i want one!
  8. Opinions on this mess?

    like the above, further investigation.... .....but save time and cut out the bad and replace with good.
  9. My Gs1000g project

    it's certainly OSS if it wasn't it would've been deleted...... ......go your own way with it dude, please your inner demons and not the masses
  10. My Gs1000g project

    i'd keep the skinny standard wheels, replace the head light and bars for a bates and 18inch apes, throw a set of leather saddle bags on the rear, a set of toast racks and 4 drag pipes.
  11. My Gs1000g project

    it's a shafty with a hardtailed/modified standard frame.....it's never gunna' be a 'looker'
  12. My Gs1000g project

    if I had a pound for.......
  13. My Gs1000g project

    if i had a pound for.......
  14. My Gs1000g project

    it needs more cowbell
  15. Suzuki bandit usd forks

    you're drunk sailor.....back to your scratcher