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  1. Few pics...shiny things

    looking fresh
  2. 1st mods

    looks like it goes warp speed !
  3. 1st mods

    yeah they soon be hovering around like vultures
  4. 1st mods

    that's just something else foz ! love it !
  5. 1st mods

    that's right mate , bandit frame and engine I think ?
  6. 1st mods

    hey hi mate , still got it then , not sure if you remember but you've bought parts from me on the old site , picked some up from my house too
  7. 1st mods

    haha c'mon guys , pick on the newbie with the bandit like it will change don't worry
  8. 1st mods

    good job we aint looking for any then
  9. 1st mods

    well I like my bandits had few 600s one 650 and this is my 2nd 1200 , I only modded the 650 though
  10. 1st mods

    just taken a quick browse on line for gsxr 11 shock , I take it its the 90s 1100 rear shock up grade I should be looking at
  11. 1st mods

    vizman ill be looking out for a oldskool project later this year , bit hard at moment as got divorced and lost house garage and all tools ( the bitch ) so I'm on basic tools and garden at the moment
  12. 1st mods

    all good info cheers guys , will be deffinetly be doing some those
  13. 1st mods

    88 750 cams ? , I have been looking but seems to be a rare find , rejet carbs I was thinking of put I'm not too clued up on jetting so will have to do some reading on the subject
  14. 1st mods

    now edited vizman
  15. 1st mods

    will be taking the engine crash bars off too