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  1. 11 Digit VIN number??

    I'm guessing it's a Japanese home market bike. They only have 11 digits Was it ever registered in your country?....or brought in and found it was too much work, and bike left to sit?
  2. Awesome aircooled pictures

    I've owned this since 1986
  3. 78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    OK... The soda blaster I used was this version here https://www.harborfreight.com/40-lb-portable-soda-blaster-60801.html All I really did to prep the engine was to block off the exhaust ports out of the head, and plug up the intake ports....also the crankcase breather It works pretty slow so it's easy to control where your blasting....the main thing is to make sure the engine is totally sealed up. After your done blasting wash off with water and and blowdry with air compressor....thats it....paint should stick great as the surface is as spotless as it can get. It will not take off oxidation like aquablasting....but it's hard to do aquablasting in your own driveway I'm going to be soda blasting the frame/swingarm/suspension linkage/wheels/rotors on my RZV500R project in a week or two....could take a video if in no hurry.
  4. 78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Sent you a PM on the blasting process
  5. Awesome aircooled pictures

    Some real old pics of my black GS
  6. Awesome aircooled pictures

    Still waiting for spring.....
  7. 78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Brought home another Suzuki that was left in storage for years.... Need to go through the wiring and it should light right off... Build date shows 2/80
  8. Rgv VJ21

    I had to do the same on my VJ23.... getting the bearings out of the swingarm was not fun....
  9. Rgv 300sp

    Those clutches are getting harder to pay for as all stroker prices have gone through the roof. Is it just the dry clutch with close ratio trans, or do you have the straight plug SP heads and cylinders too. I need to get back out in the shed and swap out the old powervalves in my VJ22FL for a better set out of a RS250... I love my RGV's, good luck with your project
  10. VJ23 in a box

    Was getting a bit bored sitting in the warm house, and decided to get out in the garage and do a bit of final work on the RGV,...... before spring gets here and my bike is still unfinished. Time to do the last bits of unrestricting, since I now have all the parts to do it properly. The bike's speedometer runs off the counter sprocket, so that means if I change the 46 tooth gearing the restricted 180 speedo will be off. Luckily there were 357 unrestricted VJ23V models built which had 240 speedo's....and matching 42 tooth sprockets. Needless to say it took a while to locate a speedo....
  11. VJ23 in a box

    Last ride of the year.....this time a little less artistic, but more 2 stroke noise....
  12. GSX1100ET Sump

  13. VJ23 in a box

    No vid with just bike sound.... This vid was just an experiment with my go pro to figure out how to do them. The sound of the bike was muffled by all the wind blowing past... I'll do a dyno run hopefully before Christmas and that will be only the bike making noise...
  14. VJ23 in a box

    My first ever Utube attempt.....
  15. Gs1000 shocks

    I got these 1994 GSX1100S piggyback shocks from Yahoo Japan for under $100 I think.....although shipping was far from cheap. Look here at whats available today....Ohlins are a bit more affordable here.... If you can find a seller who will ship to you. https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?p=gsx1100s&ei=UTF-8&auccat=2084284072&slider=0&tab_ex=commerce&istatus=2