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  1. VJ23 in a box

    Last ride of the year.....this time a little less artistic, but more 2 stroke noise....
  2. GSX1100ET Sump

  3. VJ23 in a box

    No vid with just bike sound.... This vid was just an experiment with my go pro to figure out how to do them. The sound of the bike was muffled by all the wind blowing past... I'll do a dyno run hopefully before Christmas and that will be only the bike making noise...
  4. VJ23 in a box

    My first ever Utube attempt.....
  5. Gs1000 shocks

    I got these 1994 GSX1100S piggyback shocks from Yahoo Japan for under $100 I think.....although shipping was far from cheap. Look here at whats available today....Ohlins are a bit more affordable here.... If you can find a seller who will ship to you. https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?p=gsx1100s&ei=UTF-8&auccat=2084284072&slider=0&tab_ex=commerce&istatus=2
  6. 78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    The winner of the auction at my estate sale will get to make that choice....
  7. VJ23 in a box

    Getting to be time to settle in for another 4 months of cold weather..... I got the VJ23 to run Ok, and it screams up at the top.....but midrange needs some dyno time yet for enjoyable all around usefulness. Problem is finding a person who will dyno a stroker around here. They will do V-twins no problem....but only if they have pushrods... Hibernation mode....
  8. 78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Yea....we got standard carbs Racing rules allowed carb changes here, and most people ended up swapping CV's for 33 smoothbores
  9. 78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    I sold my GT750 a month ago, and felt sad when I saw it leave in the back of the pickup.... But I sold it for a good cause...(RG500) As I looked around in the garage, my neglected GS1000SZ looked like it should go somewhere where it could be used more as well. So I figured I would wash it (first time with a power washer in about 15 years) and get it running again. After getting it all clean and took it out for a 10 mile ride about.... I had to park it and really think if I wanted to really say goodbye to it.... It runs too good, and really needs nothing...I realized I could probably never sell my high school dream bike. (I graduated in 1981)...I've owned it since 1986, so no point in saying goodbye....its lasted longer than any relationship/job/residence.... ...but it at least it's clean now....
  10. VJ23 in a box

    They are sitting next to Suzuki's... Which would burn them too.... I'll just try to avoid fire all together and try to keep only the Suzuki's in focus next time.
  11. VJ23 in a box

    All moved in and getting back to work on some bikes. I sold the GT750J and it should be in the UK/Devon in a week or so in a container with a couple other Suzuki's. Needed the $$$ to finance a RG/RZV500 I no longer want to live without.... So I got back to work on the Zeel ignition for my VJ23....what a bitch this was to get all soldered up to the plugs, but it's done and hooked up....And the bike still runs Now for the confusing part....getting it to run perfectly with the computer.... I had a pic of my garage setup and ready with my bikes....but I figured since there were non Suzuki's in it....it would not last long on this thread
  12. 72 GT750 project

    The purple GT was sold today..... Heading to Devon in the UK in a container with a few other bikes......kinda sad......felt a bit heart broken actually. But I kept the GT frame on the table and the spare engine... So it might still be built up as a runner this year.
  13. 72 GT750 project

    The owner of that GT lives about an hour away from me....Saw him down in Indy several times and have talked to him about bikes. He has quite a cool collection. I wanted to go a bit more oldskool than that one, and use 18 inch wheels with RWU forks....Bike may get parted though, as I have a deposit put down on my purple 72 GT750. The buyer may be interested in the engine/frame I am using as they are 72 also.
  14. 72 GT750 project

    The TR tail will be the one I fall back on if I can't make up what I have in mind. Do you happen to have any spare pink VJ23 panels Garry? I like the way the red RZ tail looks on it, what I'm thinking is make a mold from it, then do a bit of reshaping to fit it up a little better. No side covers, as I will try and use a crossover exhaust on it....which will go through where a side cover would be (TR750 style). The swingarm will get shortened, as will the frame from swingarm pivot back. And lay the shocks down a bit, as opposed to the standup style of the GT. No need for a longer seat on this bike, I'm building it for no passengers.....keep the fun to myself.
  15. OK guys.....I'm almost moved into my new house/garage, and I'm trying to decide what bike to throw money away on next. Several strokers are options I have available in the garage already....all SUZUKI... I moved my GT750 project on the table, because it won't stand up on it's own. So now that I have been looking at it up there for a month, I've been trying see if I can finally visualize something cool enough to build. The frame was in a pile of parts I got when I was looking for parts to get my stock 72 GT750 back in one piece. The engine I bought about 3 months after for a couple hundred $$$ as spare parts too. 4 years later these parts are pushing me to put them together as a motorcycle again. I want an oldskool look which is why I am thinking the GU74 front end, and rear wheel. GSX1100 swingarm, GS1000 tank.....but what to do for a tail....????? Maybe I should just part it and keep saving for that RG square 4 I've wanted forever...?