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  1. Another site that found interest in the GS http://caferacergarage.eu
  2. Teapot over on your side of the world.... GSX600F
  3. Your 21 looks way better than the worn out bitsa I have. Don't give up on getting it done....it can be a struggle at times. I have SP forks, GK73 SP swingarm, VJ22 rear wheel, RF600 front wheel, 600 Katana rotors....yea, it's a bitsa....
  4. That's my next project too...
  5. A few minor issues I need to straighten out, but the bike is basically done now....except I'm still waiting on another Zeel ignition box to replace the bad one I received. Using the factory 42E0 restricted box at the moment... When the new ignition shows, I'll get it all dialed in and report a bit more on what life is like with a VJ23
  6. Sunday morning..... It was time to put it on the road for the first time ever on these shores. I put the tank and seat on, left everything else off incase I had to dig back into it with issues.... ....and the little bitch wanted to run hard up the rev range, had a tough time keeping it under 7000/8000 for initial break in. Success...nothing leaking or on the ground behind me...
  7. Carbs on and all cables, hoses, and wires hooked up where the manual (in Japanese writing) shown....fired up after a short bit of cranking getting gas through to it.... After it fired up....set the idle speed after a few minutes, went up and down the RPMs after temp picked up, then shut her down. It was a point in time I never thought I would get too, and if I still drank I would be hitting it hard for the occasion....but I decided to only throw $$$ on bikes now. So I got it off the table and cleaned up the garage, just as if I were cleaning the slate to start another project.
  8. Parts showed up this week so it was time for a bit of progress...these 2strokes are way more complex than earlier version...A lot of wires and hose to connect and route. Hope to get carbs and air box all bolted back up and mounted by Sunday...maybe hear it run for the very first time.
  9. Just an update.... 500 miles now and still no problems...almost feel at ease riding this, without concern of something major falling off now.
  10. Not much happening still Parts I'm waiting on should be here this next week, and hoping to get it off the table not long after. Threw the bodywork on as I have not seen it together for a while....no where close to road ready yet...
  11. If you dimple on the inside of the wheel, you'll never see it once the bearing is in, should not be a problem with the Powdercoat. Only should take maybe 6-8 hits evenly around bearing mating surface...if the bearing just barely slides in now, it won't take much to get it tight.
  12. I had that issue with a front wheel before. Bearing just fell in......so I took a center punch and dimpled the inside of the face where the bearing fit into. Has been working fine for years now.
  13. I liked the nostalgic looks of the Suzuki rotors, and the fact the rear matches...plus I wanted the bike to be as much Suzuki as possible. They work great as they are, but I know there are a 100 ways to have better front brakes than these yet....I do wish I could make the adapter bracket look less obvious though...I did consider drilling it with some holes.
  14. Still waiting on parts, that I had no idea I needed until I started cleaning up all the smaller parts of the bike and engine. Basically on hold till I get them, it's been pretty quiet in the garage this week.... PS, I do have tires for it now, just waiting for a chance to get to a tire machine to mount.
  15. Beautiful looking bike....!!!