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  1. 77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    Why .... yes.... yes it was .
  2. 77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    Funny thing..... for some reason boiledude does'nt come around no more and my headaches have stopped . As for the chain alignment.... we shall set you straight .
  3. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    Back in the day head coolers were mounted where the headlight sits.....or under seat with a fan .... you have some work to do
  4. Katana frame brace

    Brian.... you may want to make some changes to the frame bracing..... flat plate gussets will not offer tortional rigidity. Box section plates or tubing is the way to go .
  5. Gsxr 1100 / Bandit 1200 cases

    I can't recall if a b12 cylinder block drops onto the 1127 motor without opening the case..... such as a 1127 cylinder to a 1052 case.
  6. New guy here

    Welcome to the site. Show us your rides.....
  7. The dreaded wiring

    chop chop
  8. The dreaded wiring

    Then stop the shenanegans and get to it ....
  9. The dreaded wiring

    De-pin the wiring from the plug block..... swap into new plug block . Check color coded wires beforehand .
  10. Ask him about his b12 motor....he blew the motor from poor tuning / build ..... there may have been some debris coming in contact with the impeller wheel /exhaust side...... get a few pics from that area.
  11. Removing 1127 cylinders

    Get some penetrating oil (wd40 specialist / liquid wrench etc...) spay down the cylinder studs , oil drain pipes.... let soak and repeat the process....don't be in a rush with the lump hammer and block of wood as this is where you break fins and damage casings .
  12. air filter cover

    K&N sell a filter sock....so yes....they are available .
  13. Lightest wheels for a slingshot

    Still waiting .....
  14. Lightest wheels for a slingshot

    Waiting ......
  15. Lightest wheels for a slingshot

    Do it ! Do it now !