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  1. Katana build

    Daaaaaammmn a lot of fancy parts on that bike ! Welcome
  2. Katana Gauge face scan?

    ..... that's cheatin'..... where's the fun in that ? Cut shit up , fuck shit up......that's all part of the game ! ..... other's will follow
  3. EFE's new clothes, take 3

    You sure got the paint skills ..... Never had the patience for it myself....nice work sir !
  4. inlet stub length

    These were on my mk1 b12 motor..... may actually be gsxr but I am not 100% sure
  5. EFE's new clothes, take 3

    Fantastico senior Balders ! Ee have a keeper !
  6. B12 turbo mk2 oil cooler options

    Can't have enough coolers on a turbo ...... keep the life blood in check !
  7. Dirty valves

    Should look like new after an ultrasonic bath
  8. B12 speedometer

    ..... great...... that put's a plan into action then .
  9. B12 speedometer

    Do any model year b12's have a countershaft driven speedo with needle ? Sort of like the cable driven types ?
  10. EFE's new clothes

    ....... no pullin' weenies unless there's some dinner and dancin' first
  11. EFE's new clothes

  12. EFE's new clothes

    .... hmmmm , I wonder who could have done that ? ...... brilliant ! Still laughin'.....
  13. EFE's new clothes

    It does not matter where the design came from...... looks aces on that tank.....no need to change anything..... let's just say it was stolen from Suzuki way back when
  14. EFE's new clothes

    Top one is nice.....but has a hint of cb1100f ..... great work balders , as always !
  15. Carburettors

    Yeahhhh..... forget about the air box.....