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  1. Bought one from Newarke a couple of years ago and the bloke had three at the time, try some of the foreign Eblag's.
  2. All the aftermarket seats were fibreglass,you can still find twofour and guilliari seats if you look around,ive got two at the moment but they aint for sale, i dont think £225 is too dear either for a brand new seat, ive got an original seat as well that needs recovering so if you need one let me know, if i havent got round to recovering it i would consider lending to the seat maker.
  3. bandit

    Got me on a technicality there rich!! A particularly fine example of Suzukis Donor Bike did meet its demise at my hands for 'The Greater Good',and long may the donor bike be around for us to keep the real dinosaurs on the road! Oh and havent you tried to disguise the fact that yours is a donor bike by altering the tank and tailpiece?
  4. bandit

    We love a nice bandit on here,especially me and @YoshiJohnny
  5. tl1000s/r and hayabusa gen 1 are 214mm rick but are 50/55mm,offset for them is 32[mm i presume]
  6. Here you go Dave,

  7. Yeah good to see ya again Simon,motor all sorted now,be back in the bike next Friday hopefully.
  8. Yep MR2 mk1 light fits Kat and ET., you can get some nice aftermarket MR2 ones. Got a couple of different ones for my ET.
  9. Whichever you decide to use, turbo the Zed with it.
  10. Might need a few more zeros after that 20 Simon!
  11. Glad to see its still moving along Rob, have to pop round for a look and catch up sometime soon.
  12. Alright Alan, these ETs are getting pretty popular now, might have to sell mine!
  13. Slingshot are 88 to 91/2, Slabbies are 85 to 88.
  14. Hasn't @Sam-Jaffa got a 1100 oil boiler in. GS 550 frame and @bruteforce as well?
  15. I ran a 21 row on my 750k/1100k 7/11, 16 row will be ok,I ran one on my turbo ET for a year or so,you shouldn't really have issues fitting a 19row,everyone uses them.