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  1. Blow through turbo and plenum?
  2. Yarp,turbo will definitely cure it and funnily enough,if youre going to put a bandit motor in it I know where there is a turbo kit that will fit it once my new one is fitted of course! @Simbec1863
  3. Yep it is
  4. Keeping the aircooled motor in it Kev?
  5. Nice,that seat looks good too,need to do something like that to my seat,get pushed back down it when it's pulling hard!!.
  6. It's a nice looking bike mate,too much polishing for me personally but a very nice bike.
  7. Fucking hell,that's shiny,what's your plans for it?
  8. Turbos rule,expensive motor to turbo though.
  9. Cool,750,1100 or oilcooled?
  10. Standard B12 is 15/45.
  11. Hello,welcome.
  12. VF 23,24 don't come up for sale very often in my experience Mick,a lot of people use TD04.
  13. Alright Pete,bikes lovely,what's your plans for it?