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  1. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    Just change your oil regularly,it’ll be fine.
  2. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    I’m running a 19 row cooler on my Turbo Bandit powered ET, with no issues.
  3. 1127 Sumps?

    Some of the 750 headers do fit 1100s Sam, can’t remember which ones though.
  4. Dyna 2000 vs Ignitech

    Ignitech themselves and the Ignitech themselves and they plug straight into your loom.
  5. I done bought sumfink

    Good lad Sam, another donor bike bites the dust.
  6. GSX1100 E?

    Looks like a ET frame and motor to me, sacrilege to Café Racer a ET, they should be big and brutal with a coffin tank, oh and turboed as well
  7. Decal set 1100ET

    I think they are imageworks as well, not 100% sure though.
  8. Decal set 1100ET

    Yep that’s who I used, £55 and cut while I waited.
  9. Headlightcowl badges ET

    I don’t! I just don’t have any spare ones
  10. Headlightcowl badges ET

    I’ll keep an eye out for some for you Wim, haven’t got any spares myself or I’d have let you have some.
  11. Headlightcowl badges ET

    No you can’t buy them any more Wim, used ones are the only option at the moment.
  12. 1100M tweeked by FBM

    12th and 13th of May
  13. 1100M tweeked by FBM

    Had a good look around that at Daves, it’s bloody lovely, would you be interested in putting in on our stand at the Endurance Legends event at Donnington in May?
  14. 1100 ET/EX Swinging arm spindle.

    There are two spindles I believe, one 14mm and one 16mm,couldn’t tell you the length though sorry.
  15. Looking for a smaller battery for the build?

    I used to use a R1 battery in seat hump on my Slingy, Gel battery, just in the process of upgrading to a Lithium Ion one at the moment for my turbo ET,our good friend Richard Hocking @gsxr884sells Lithium Ion batteries so could be worth messaging him about one.