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  1. Facet pump reiability

    Mine has lasted four years with no trouble, only changed it because we built a new turbo kit,so had new fuel and scavenge pumps as well.
  2. New catch tank

    Good effort that is.
  3. Don't forget I ran it as a standard bandit motor for a few months Tom,not sure how the comp ratios compare?
  4. gsx1428 streetable?

    @Havoc isn't yours 1428 Tom?
  5. New old member signing in.

    Welcome back.
  6. R1 front end in a Slabby

    Had a slabby stem knurled and put it in the R1 front end I had in my Slingy then the ET, the stem lasted about 8 years with the knurling then started to have a little play in it so I had one made to fit,either way works fine in my opinion but I would rather just have one made these days. Stems are not that expensive to have made, the one in my ET was £60 if I remember correctly.
  7. R1 front end in a Slabby

    Why has the yoke got to be butchered,just get it pressed out a new one made and pressed back in.
  8. R1 front end in a Slabby

    Have one made,you know that's what I did!
  9. Replacing top oil lines 1127

    Won't the Tpiece fit to the top cranckcase behind the starter motor,then a line from either side of it to the rocker cover,so you need,hose, 4 hose fittings, Tpiece and the fittings that go onto the rocker cover?
  10. Endurance filler.

    How much Steve?,pm'ed you.
  11. Endurance filler.

    I've looked into this for my spare ET tank,racefit are £650 fitted or £450 to buy and fit yourself, it's on my winter to do list.
  12. 750 et frame+srad 5.5" rear wheel

    I used a bandit 5.5 wheel and caliper hanger,spacers to suit,didn't touch the frame until I had it powder coated,then it wore the powder coat off, you could reverese the sprocket for more room.
  13. gsx 750 1100 et ex giuliari seat

    Bought one from Newarke a couple of years ago and the bloke had three at the time, try some of the foreign Eblag's.
  14. gsx 750 1100 et ex giuliari seat

    All the aftermarket seats were fibreglass,you can still find twofour and guilliari seats if you look around,ive got two at the moment but they aint for sale, i dont think £225 is too dear either for a brand new seat, ive got an original seat as well that needs recovering so if you need one let me know, if i havent got round to recovering it i would consider lending to the seat maker.
  15. New with a B6!

    Got me on a technicality there rich!! A particularly fine example of Suzukis Donor Bike did meet its demise at my hands for 'The Greater Good',and long may the donor bike be around for us to keep the real dinosaurs on the road! Oh and havent you tried to disguise the fact that yours is a donor bike by altering the tank and tailpiece?