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  1. Gs1000s mirrors

    This is what I ended up with. Pretty close to the original.
  2. Gs1000s mirrors

  3. Gsx1100 oil cooler take off.

  4. Gsx1100 oil cooler take off.

    Is this the right one? for bottom of the engine. AN -6 AN6 BLACK JIC Flare to M14x1.5 METRIC STRAIGHT MALE Hose Fitting Adapter
  5. Gs1000s mirrors

    Hi what other models of Suzuki mirrors fit in the s fairing. Ideally not too big.
  6. Slabside fuse box

    Excellent. Thanks for that. I will go and investigate.
  7. Slabside fuse box

    hI I have not been in here for a while. I have one of these new fangled oilcooled bikes. Where is the fuse box on a slabside. Yoshi told be in front of the battery but I cannot see it. I was hoping it would be easy access.
  8. Gs1000 g

    Plans already brewing in my head. Unless anybody wants it as I am heading south next week with a trailer.
  9. Gs1000 g

    now I know what it feels like to get off with a sexy bird and you find she has a dick in between her legs. I have just bought a gs 1000 but when I went down to get it a bloody shaft is sticking out the engine.
  10. Gsx top shock mounts

    cheers mate
  11. Push pull throlttle, what are you using

    gsxr1000 k5 i think
  12. Gsx top shock mounts

    Hi Can some one measure the length for me please?
  13. Alloy engine brackets.

    In my daily journeys through the web I saw aftermarket engine brackets for the gsx1100. Cannot find them now. Does anybody have a link?
  14. Gsxr1000 forks into Gsx1100 frame

    you must know i am crap at looking things up.
  15. Gsxr1000 forks into Gsx1100 frame

    cool mate