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  1. Gsx TOP shock mounts moved forward

    Anybody got diagrams or images of the top shock mounts being moved forward on a kat?
  2. Gsx1100 front sprocket

  3. Gsx1100 front sprocket

    Left or right threaded?
  4. Gs1000 colour code

  5. Gs1000 colour code

    Does anybody know this colour or colour code on this gs1000?
  6. Twin Shocks

    I am going back to twin shocks for the katana. I am looking for really good ones. I have checked out the usaual k tech ohlins gazi and yss. Anything else out there ? Also anybody used gazi shocks ?
  7. Katana rear shocks

    Cheers mate.
  8. Katana rear shocks

    What is the length?
  9. RS 38 or RS36

    I am going to buy a new set of RS36 but i have been offered a good set of RS38 for a bargain price. Will they suit a gsx1170 with gas flowed head or are they too big?
  10. gsx 1100 generator gasket

    yes they are all the same . Only the 1981 has a different part number.
  11. gsx 1100 generator gasket

    I have found the answer
  12. gsx 1100 generator gasket

    Would a suzuki gsx 1100 katana ( Small rotor) generator gasket be the same size as a gsx1100-ef?
  13. Usual katana wiring crap.

    The red wire coming out of the fuse box ? That goes directly to the regulator ? Is there issues if I do not do it to the regulator. On a katana 1100.
  14. Gs1000 Fuel cap

    Anybody got a diagram how to put this back together. Took it apart to powder coat and my memory has failed me.
  15. Engine Id.

    Cool mate. Perfect.