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  1. had a looky see at my arm and i defo have the seals in must have used the braced arms or the srad ones i had in the workshop. you do need a bit sticking out for the bearings or otherwise the arm won't move when you torque the adjuster up. have you a pic of your arm @Legotoy?
  2. don't know which arm you may be using @Legotoy? Mine fits straight in and as for the weight, my braced arm is nearly half the weight of the banana arm. the sleeves slide straight in and had no problems with the width either. maybe i am a lucky sod,eh. didn't have to trim anything. as for the inner spacer sleeve, maybe someone already swapped mine before i got it. don't know but inner sleeve didn't move inwards as i tried pushing them in further but just stopped. floated? you have an adjuster on the left side to take out any play and you also have shims/seals either side aswell. Don't know if anyone else has had your problems with fitting this arm but everyone i've read about has been fairly simple.
  3. just found this. explains a lot. bloody manufacture's. can't keep anything standard.
  4. i haven't looked on my bike, just had the manual to hand. guessing spadge needs to get the mutli meter out.
  5. Suzuki's wire diagram shows B/w wire is in the middle. maybe then spadge has the high and low beam wires wrong way round or his dip beam is blown?
  6. oh and the black/white wire connects to the side light too.
  7. yes. if that white wire is the dip then its in the wrong place. swap it with the black /white wire. the middle connector is the earth.
  8. yeah, now i don't throw nowt away! still got stuff i know i won't ever use, but....them demons won't fool me this time.haha.
  9. haha. i looked into this a few years ago when i were lookin for one. mate had one for a k1, Carbon king but as ya know they don't fit. shame cause it was cheap!. but wish i'd kept it now as i got a k1 arm. doh!
  10. Skidmarc make them Wemoto stock them as well but don't know the make, carbon fibre one £132.00 as well as a cheaper one about £72.00 ish. carbon king did make them but don't know the price .
  11. Inazuma swingarm measurements

    this one?
  12. and flush your reservoir as well of coarse.
  13. reservoir is for pressurized over flow. it's just a one way valve to stop the hot water vented to atmosphere, it does not flow back into the system. best just to flush the rad and engine with clean water but best to remove from the themostat to fill it as it's the highest point on our bikes. disconect at the water pump to drain.
  14. which ever you use, Please use Distilled water. It's cheap enough from super market garages. 2 liters for a quid. and mix it 50-50 with anti freeze. Pre-mix you'll pay a premium but some prefer it. DO NOT USE TAP WATER.