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  1. Yes it fits . Brace arm in wn/wp frame but you will need the bearing spacers from wn to insert inside the braced arm to take up the 5mm difference and the dog bones from brace arm as well as the wheel adjuster blocks. Wheels are the same.
  2. standard is 15/42 . need longer chain to run 45t rear. tho not a big problem if bigger rear is better on transmission.
  3. i always forget about them as i have the older frame!. still, i wonder why they swapped the swing arm pivot bolt to the other side.
  4. if ya just want better pull away then 14/42 is what i use to run, you won't need anything else. still has enough top end to pull over 150mph. ya might need to put some weight over the front on pull away tho.
  5. Hi spadge, welcome to the forum. I'm not quite with you, the 92-93 had the banana arms 94-95 had the braced arms, the braced arms are a far better swing arm so some people swap it on the earlier models. if you have a braced arm and you say you've bought a newer frame then the braced arm will fit straight in but you will need the newer swing arm pivot bolt as its 25mm on the later ones. you can tell the later models differ at the head stock , the lower bracing has a different shape to the older ones. hope that make sense, but if you can put some pics up please! cheers.
  6. Gsxr750F swing arm. Good Idea for track work?

    You guys! still trying to eek out more. Proper racers you lot!.love it. carry on.
  7. Slabby tank options?

    wrong side! should have everton, at least it would have matched! tho they're both sh@t teams!
  8. Looking for a smaller battery for the build?

    Battery chargers, Either get a proper one for lithium or a standard one with four amp output. lithium don't like the voltage dropping below 12volt. If you try to use one of them smart top up trckle types like oxford make it will break the charger and yer battery. You have been warned. Or as @paul has said ask @gsxr884.
  9. Glad ya found one!. Yes. suspenders are a tad soft as standard. can be rebuildt for better damping tho best left to someone who does that sort of thing. I've not tried a K7 thou shock. lets us all know how it works. souff lond'n. oooer. bet that's fun on bike nowadays! Much too busy for me these days! Anyways,PICS PLEASE of yer lovely bike, or it didn't happen. haha. laters
  10. carb question

    the power jet circuit only works with the air box on, according to factory pro. they have a good write up about it.
  11. Looking for a smaller battery for the build?

    Happy new year!, Anyways, @Jpich85, this is the one ya need, but i would search for a better price. hope this helps. https://www.Eblag.co.uk/itm/Suzuki-GSXR750-Lithium-Ion-Battery-Light-WeightSave-3kg-1990-1991/171599210623?hash=item27f41c287f:g:hDMAAOSwkNZUlEsa it's about same dimentions but 3kg lighter. I don't know if the smaller yt9 version would be suitable for your model as the storage is smaller, ie, 12-14amps for your battery as the yt9 only has 8 to 10 amps depending on who's spec ya checking, but i dare say someone may answer on that one.
  12. gsxr crank

    and better spelling.
  13. gsxr crank

    best? err billet crank (expensive), crank cases err, that'll be billet cases too(very expensive), um rods, hmmm carillo do some nice ones (expensive), barrels, err mtc?, or a billet one made to your spec(very expensive). you got a lot of money to spend? or are you refering to standard items? if thats the case someone might be along shorty with a more informitive answer. Oh and hello, welcome to the forum!
  14. dynojet kit

    they appear to do one for 1989-1997 stage #1 and #3 but only do the stage #1 after 1998- thats on the U.S. site. have you tried Factory pro?