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  1. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Cheers Boss. I'm thinking it something fundamental that i've got wrong in the plumbing or in the carbs. The fact it stops at the same point everytime suggests it's not just jetting
  2. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    You Called? Funny you should shout, we've been back to the dyno today - it did not go well unfortunately........ Switched to 92.5 main jets (from 100s) and got a proper fuel pressure gauge and re set to 1.5psi base pressure when running. End result - a small improvement - 22.96hp! a whole half a HP!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck and Indeed Bollocks!!!! We tried a second CDI - same, brick wall at 6,5k rpm We tried more fuel pressure - same, brick wall at 6,5k rpm With the smaller mains - same, brick wall at 6,5k rpm I'm now working on the theory that it's something that's not allowing the slides to lift Can anyone shout up on the theory for pressure above/below the diaphragms? We've got the holes in the slides to allow pressure above the diaphragms and i've got a small hole (3.2mm) drilled through the carb body to allow boost pressure to under the diaphragms - so it should be balanced. I'm running out of ideas now Good news is the fuel reg seems to work, at approx 1.5 psi boost the gauge was showing roughly 2.5 psi of fuel pressure, so around 1psi above boost which is nice. We also tried it with the up pipe disconnected and no fuel pressure and again it crapped out at 6,5K rpm but seemed to go rich as opposed to lean
  3. The other thing to check is if the emulsion tubes are ovalled Mine was exhibiting exactly the same symptoms - new emulsion tubes cured it
  4. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    No worries mate, had me panicking for a minute there! My mind turned to jelly too, and cake, and christmas pudding, and cheese, etc etc ad inifinitum
  5. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Aye, i thought that's where we were going with it, working on the theory it's too rich and blowing the sparks out?! You mentioned you went from 145s to 137.5s a bit further up the page Yeah, sorry about that, was delicious
  6. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Not as yet, got it striped down ready for the smaller main jets and then i decided to sit down and eat a lot of cheese and drink a lot of port over Christmas! Will be ordering up some jets in the next week or so, so hopefully back on the dyno to test the theory sometime in January
  7. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Aye, stripped it down, carbs off ready for jets when i can find some Good news is the oil i thought was coming from the turbine outlet isn't (or doesn't appear to be) - i think it's dropping down from above, probably from the knackered exhaust thread hole. The drain hose fitting from the turbo was making a bid for freedom so that'll need nipping up again. The other good news, after 5-6 albeit short and steady runs on the dyno it has used incredibly little fuel, there was probably a litre or so in the tank, i put a full 5 litre can in and have just drained back out virtually 5 litres (he says making a comedy pretence about fuel economy)
  8. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Erm......... the adulation of your adoring fans and a block of cheese Thanks for the info Wombat, that follows what the dyno guy and Rob said - i'm on the hunt for some new main jets as I type!
  9. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Hmmm interesting, the dyno guy said that sometimes when they're massively rich it shows on the graph as lean for whatever reason That would kind of follow. I's one avenue to look at
  10. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Ladies and Jellyspoons drum roll please....................................... The final figure was................................... A whopping.............................. 22.4hp Fuck knows what was going on but it got to 6.5K rpm and hit a wall, on every run, in pretty much the same place. Just signed off and wouldn't pull through it, didn't sound like it was missing but that was as much as it would do. Tried taping up the filter, tried increasing the fuel pressure - as soon as it got to about 0.4bar on the boost gauge it gave up On the plus side, minimal oil leakage from the scavenge pump and drain, none really from the turbo itself, no fuel leaks, no coolant leaks and it didn't grenade (not that it got anywhere near having chance to!) So, next step, i've got another CDI to try just incase it's that, then to go back through and check all the hoses etc Not the great result we wanted but not a disaster!
  11. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    One thing i have noticed which i'm a bit concerned about, i seem to be getting a few drops of oil directly underneath the flange of the turbo exhuaust It's obviously nice and clean as it's new but i figure i shouldn't be having oil coming from the exhaust - and i'd have thought it would be burning off rather than dripping out? It's not a huge amount but a little worrying, any ideas? I'll double check the drain gasket is in the right place I wonder if it could do with a little sump on the drain? It'll be alright for now i think but something to deal with.
  12. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Ah ha, in which case i shall let you know when i'm venturing North to see the Brother Cross
  13. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    I couldn't possibly reveal my sources (but yes ) The ignition cover with the oil feed point and machined pistons came from Ian Him and Jim are a top pair of blokes, they're 500's are properly special bits of kit
  14. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Ladies & Jelly spoons! Handbags away please! It'll be what it'll be - i have it on good authority that the clutch will probably go south around the 80hp mark - on the plus side the same source does a nice lockup conversion I've re booked for next Friday so it's a nice delayed gratification, and hopefully a pleasant earlier Chrimble present I'm currently awaiting the arrival of some HD clutch springs to try and help the cause After the initial results i shall have plans underway for motor Mk2 with a few interesting ideas