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  1. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Cheers Boss Just about finished off the lights and wiring now D D D D D D D I'm running out of excuses for not getting it finished now
  2. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    I'm just faffing now, getting some of the little bits finished up. Bought a new sandwich plate adapter and re threaded it properly this time so it's nice and square, oil lines are finished and it's now full of oil No leaks so far which is excellent! Made a start on redoing the idiot lights - the LEDs were just too fragile and were just touching on the top of the upper oil line Soooo, new idiot lights acquired and are now off with a mate being recessed into the front of the top yoke to keep it neat - D Managed to keep the nice 12pin plug which is good as it was a ballache doing all that wiring!! D Will fill the now redundant holes in the switch plate. Will also redo the switch wiring so it's tucked up neat under the clock bracket D I did check the wastegate opening pressure (mainly to make sure it actually worked), it started to crack at around 5-6psi and fully open by 8-9ish, i've no idea what this tells me other than it works and is presumably about 7psi when it starts properly venting. It wasn't the most scientific method using a footpump and a beachball inflator on a length of silicone hose but i can't really think of another way to do it Also found a nice home for the ignition key out of the way and once it's all painted black it should be nicely hidden D Hopefully my next post will be a nice video of me having a little ride to see if it makes vrooom and ptssssch noises!
  3. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Thanks Guys It has indeed been a ballache but i think once it's done it will be worth it (provided i can get 100hp out of it! lol)
  4. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Haven't had much time on the bike since my little test run but i've been able to crack on with the oil cooler. I bit the bullet and ordered up some hose and some (alot) of fittings - it's actually worked out really really tidy, well happy with it. 2 x 120 degree fittings at the top pull the hoses in the right direction to run down the side of the headstock and then down into the sandwich plate take off which has been thinned down to make it as narrow as possible and with a shorter filter (as per earlier in this thread) "just" fits under the turbo - i had to skim a little bit off the back of the lower outlet flange bolt hole but it's in and is a big thing knocked off the list! Also, been and picked up a gallon of oil ready to re fill it and i finished off re doing the boostgauge feed. Wiring under the tank has been shortened so the tank actually fits now. Just need to find a home for the ignition switch now and re do the idiot light wiring and that's about it! Then on to the dyno hopefully
  5. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Haha, funnily enough that had crossed my mind
  6. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Right then A quite momentous thing has occurred, I went for a ride on the turbo. It was only a short low revs trundle up the village but it has now moved under it's own steam, nothing fell off, nothing leaked and it ran pretty damn well! Gearbox seems really really slick too which is nice I balanced the carbs which helped with the popping and coughing at idle, and i made a new manifold that fits all 4 carb tops to even out the feed to the dump valve to stop it fluttering DSC_0712 by Chris Jennings, on Flickr I need to add a tee from this line to the boost gauge to stop it flapping around *Fuck knows why it's formatted like that?! DSC_0714 by Chris Jennings, on Flickr DSC_0716 by Chris Jennings, on Flickr DSC_0717 by Chris Jennings, on Flickr DSC_0718 by Chris Jennings, on Flickr The fuel pressure is at exactly 2psi on the gauge which is higher than before but..... the dynamic fuel level in the float bowl is actually now lower than it was previously which is awesome because it means it's not over fueling at idle. So next up is to finish the oil cooler hoses and sandwich plate and probably make up a new exhaust with some form of silencing (it's ridiculous even by my standards!) and a lambda bung port so i can set the fueling up when we get to the dyno, Also need to sort out the fucking horrendous mess under the tank, so many hoses and wires, so little space! But, for now, i'm having several celebratory beers as it's been a long time getting to this point!
  7. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    I think it was about 6mm ID if i remember correctly I disconnected the BOV earlier and balanced the carbs which helped a great deal with the popping and coughing at idle - the carbs were massively out of balance. I've got some more vacuum hose and tee pieces coming to link together for the BOV feed. Got a damper for the boost gauge take off which works well to settle the needle down It's all coming together nicely. Didn't get the tank back on today, might as well wait until i've sorted the BPV feed
  8. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Ta! That makes sense I've got a pitot tube in the up pipe running to the float bowl vents so that's ok. I guess its the BOV fluttering causing the popping allowing a bit of extra air in. I think i'll tee them all together to the BOV and tweak the idles back to stock. Tank going back on later this afternoon
  9. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Next stage of testing is done, Re-introduced the blow-off valve - connected to the carb top cylinder 1 Re-introduced the FPR signal line - connected to the carb rubber stub (Normally for the vacuum hose to the fuel tap) cylinder 3 Also added the Boost gauge by tee-ing into the FPR line - mainly as the hose it came with won't fit over one of the carb tops Still starts okay but the idle is now a bit poppy/coughy at times - they are all a good fit with clips so it shouldn't be an air leak Still rev's okay which is good and it even started off the small lithium battery which was nice Boost gauge flutters all over the shop at idle, it was a cheapy one so i shouldn't be too surprised. I might try disconnecting them again to see what difference it makes to the idle. I may also lean the mixtures off slightly as it seems a bit rich - i think they're only a 1/4 turn past standard but it may help with the stumbly idle Any thoughts?
  10. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Thanks guys I'll just leave this here.... oh and @BradI kept the garage door closed so it definitely wouldn't have made it to yours
  11. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Finally think i've cracked it. Oil leak from the exhaust bolt aside, the change of pulse coil seems to have done the trick. Swapped it over into the ignition cover with the oil feed, retested, fired up fine Refitted the turbo, oil feed and drain, pressed the button and after a little cough, she fired up and, crucially again, it revved. Of course this is subject to retesting and refitting of all the other turbo gubbin's but it's a huge step forward from where it was Colour me happy!
  12. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Right, potentially some progress albeit maybe not of the good kind After failing to get it to start again, i stripped all the turbo stuff off, stripped and cleaned the carbs then refitted with just the headers minus the turbo. I also swapped the ignition cover for the non oil feed one (as i wasn't running the feed to the turbo) which also meant it had the other pulse coil pickup Pressed the button and it fired up straight away pretty much and, crucially, seemed to rev cleanly, certainly much better than before I then knocked it off as it was getting on a bit and it was horrendously loud through an open header This means one of 2 things 1. The pick up in the ignition cover with the oil feed is knackered and the old one is working properly 2. The turbo is what is causing the reluctance to start and rev for whatever reason Next step is to swap the pulse coil pickup into the oil feed cover, re fit the turbo and try again. I've also found that at some point some hamfisted gibbon (not me) has used a too long bolt on the no3 exhaust collar and gone through into the head as when i fired it up i had a lovely fountain of oil coming from that exhaust stud hole I only fitted the outer 2 exhaust collars for speediness, i'm glad i did now as i'd probably never have found the oil leak otherwise. Edit* Or are some of the header bolts into a wet area of the head?
  13. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    Right 1,2,3 i'm back in the room Had to walk away from it for a bit as it was doing my swede in, but i'm back to it now. Next step i think is carbs back off, drop the float heights a mm which coupled with running the base pressure at around 0.5psi should prevent it from over fueling I hope.
  14. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    I'm glad someone is being positive, lol No, it's getting there now, it was never going to be easy, especially starting from just a frame and an unknown engine. I think once the fundamentals are sorted things should start getting easier. Got a few more bits done over the weekend, head light, brake light, mounted the ignition and horn too. Target was to have it running well and Painted/Powder Coated in time for the Kickback Custom show at the Cheltenham Festival of Bikes in September - this may be a little optimistic
  15. Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    The other thing i found this weekend is that the reg/rec is shot so it's not charging at all - which would explain why it gets worse the longer it runs - presumably it starts loosing spark power as the battery drops