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  2. Looking for advice for tuning my gsxr 750 1990

    Mine is a 750L ok its a rat but hell soon as you dump that airbox you are in a world of hurt, mine had its airbox take away before i got it, then because of the way a new subframe was added there was no way i could get a airbox back, so i had to deal with k&n crap filters, and flat spot city, i had somebody play with it and got it to run ok but the flat spot at 4 is a knightmare hole, and one ive got to dig out off every ride 30 mph is shit, its iver to higher gear to keep out of 4 or to lower gear to keep under it. Every thing ive read about it is dont bother tuning just added a exhaust, 4° advancer, may be better filter and thats about it. Otherwise you can join me on flat spot hell... haha
  3. Heres my rat/cafe racer

    Whatever you're smokin'.............. I'll give it a pass if you don't mind.
  4. Heres my rat/cafe racer

  5. Heres my rat/cafe racer

    Heres my iron pony of death, mummy and daddy wouldnt buy me a pony so i made one.. haha this is my 2018 look and this year iron ponies are in with a splash of ratness thats took years to make. "I looked, and behold, an gsxr horse; and he who sat on it had the name hewy; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with noisy exhausts and with fumes and with over fueling and by the wild beasts of the earth."
  6. Fuel Consumption

    fuel consumption is a subjective thing. rg owners would take the chance of 30mpg readily. so before fretting about its consumption, you need to first check how its burning, and then make sure its not losing fueel either from a leaky tank or pipe, overflowing carb or through the cabs down the bores. next job would be to check what your jetting is, make sure your air filter/s arent clogged or your exhaust is clogged or restricted. finally, you need to mak sure that someone isnt nicking your fuel when you park up (seriously, i once had an x5 that was only doing 30mpg till i realised the local scrotes were pulling the petrol pipe every few days from the tap and draining juice out for their little shit peds)
  7. efe wiring

    Does anyone have a high res efe wiring diagram? Or better still, a list of pin outs for the plug into the clocks?
  8. Howdy from Ireland

    Just thinking out loud... Since it does rev with the air cleaner inlet partially covered.... Basically altering the air / fuel ratio. Have you checked the airbox for leaks or even a filter? Because it sounds abit like what I did once... In a hurry I didn't fit the filter and the bike would only rev when I pulled the choke.
  9. Looking for advice for tuning my gsxr 750 1990

    Hi Jpich , if it's 750L,M 1990 they made good numbers stock, but like rest of the guys say cheaper to bang a b12 motor in and fit your 38mm carbs from 750 m. Headers and nice set up would make 120bhp ish. You can tune of course the 750 motor but it's going to be £1000-£1250 to get that power and be a screamer not torquey like bigbore motors.
  10. Gsxr1100k fork oil?

    As a PS to the above. I should also have said, Progressive springs act like std. springs for the initial part of their travel. Then they become harder to compress (progressively).
  11. Gsxr1100k fork oil?

    A linear-rate spring is evenly wound from top to bottom so that the force (road surface bumps and potholes, acceleration and braking) remains the same from the initial input right through to when the spring won’t compress any further. They come in hard, and soft versions, but they retain the same force throughout their length! A progressive or dual-rate spring is wound closer at one end and further apart at the other. So, the more the spring is compressed, the more it resists. The Emulators? Better wait for FBOAB. He fitted them to std. B12 forks, and was impressed with them.
  12. Howdy from Ireland

    The bike will rev out if I cover the airbox with my hand so I presume I need a bit of jetting work. I got 122.5 mains in atm any idea where I'll get bigger jets
  13. Gsxr1100k fork oil?

    ??? These forks are new tec for me use to more gs/gsx forks, and putting old 2p on the top of the springs to make them stiffer So what's Emulator ? And or linear springs, I know being a bit derrr
  14. Voltage when off

    Slabby, 2 wires from alternator, 1 orange going to switch & fuse, 1 red going to switch, circuit breaker, fuse & headlight relay. When ignition is on I’m getting 12.6v on both, when off I’m getting 12.6 on the red & 9.6v on the orange! And no volts at all on the brown wire! Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Slotting sprockets

    Yeah its nice to get closure on exactly why it scrapped itself. I may play with timing in the future but probably only tweaking the inlet cam, i cant be arsed with doing both again for a while til i build the spare engine. Cheers Vj
  16. Howdy from Ireland

    Swopped the jets over and still no joy refuses to rev 5k
  17. 1150 barrels

    Just the job, ArttuI Thanks very much.
  18. Looking for advice for tuning my gsxr 750 1990

    Zx10 pistons for cheap big bore . Same gudgeon pin diameter. Someone mentioned this in turbo forum, said it made low compression, but couldnt you machine down the block or the head ? anyone experience of this like to share
  19. TLs new clothes

    spare TL bodykit (except the front mudguard grrr) is now done. Its a kinda based on the old Yoshi colours (red / dark grey),with a little bit of silver metallic, but I couldn't be arsed mixing up the dark grey, so I used a mix of left over metallic siver, metallic audi arablau blue and a splash of black, and I gotta say, the colour looks bloody great, its like a dark silvery grey , with a hint of blue, and lots of metallic, kinda hard to describe. see?........................ it pays to be a slacker I will obviously post some pics when its dry, .........................................................................cos I'm a tart
  20. 1150 barrels

    Is this good enough? If not, I have a set on table at the moment but it's with oversize liners.
  21. Slotting sprockets

    Glad you found out why the pistons met the valves first time round VJ. For more torque and better bottom end go for smaller numbers and for top end go for more retarded settings - larger numbers. Standard cams are better when they are close to recommended figures - I had a little play with settings recently and going more than a degree or two away from std wasn't great, too retarded was worse than advanced, at least with advanced you have loads of drive in the first half of delivery.
  22. Slotting sprockets

    So stock gsxg is 100/104 and stock powerscreen is 104/103, ive put these cams i at 105/104.5 on the basis that i cant be arsed chasing a degree when im using a 100mm diameter protractor as a degree wheel. Got over 50 thou clearance on inlet at 10 deg btdc and the same on ex at 10 atdc so im confident itl be in. For reference of anyone looking at putting powerscreen cams in a gsx1100g: if you just swap the standard sprockets (roler to hyvo to suit gsxg chain) then bolt them in they time up at 127/98. This will explain why my first engine smashed valves into the piston. Lesson learned, dont make assumptions when building engines. Cheers Vj
  23. Gsxr1100k fork oil?

    Play with the oil first. Cheap option. If still not happy, try the progressive (or linear) springs. How about trying some of those 'Emulator' doohickeys???
  24. 1150 barrels

    Are there any OSSer's currently, with a stripped down EFE motor, or a set of loose 1150 barrels? If so, could you post up a 'photo from the top, showing the whole top mating face, bores, stud holes and oilways. TIA!
  25. Looking for advice for tuning my gsxr 750 1990

    What 750 motor is it, you will be able to recoup some of the cost selling that, bandit 12, or 1127 powerscreen motor the way to go I expect, mid range torque from the powerscreen would do you I expect, I sold a whole rough but running bike 6 mths ago for 500 quid
  26. Looking for advice for tuning my gsxr 750 1990

    Bandit engines are a good swap. Easy to do and you can use the gsxr carbs and cdi (just be wary rev limit is a bit higher, if motor is good and your not doing constant limiter bashing its not an issue) Depends what sort of motor you want. Lazy easy power or somthing you have to rev and work the gearbox. An 884 big bore on the 750 lump with some head work will be quicker than a stock bandit/1100 motor.
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