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  2. Katana 1100 gearing

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  4. Blandit switch gear

    Hi all, Can anybody tell me what other rh switch gear will plug in/work on a b12 mk1 harness? I'm thinking a b6 will? Will any others? Cheers.
  5. TLs new clothes

    Thanks for the kind words madb, but its not good enough for me I'm afraid. I'm a fussy bugger,. but its the first time ive used the smaller fineline, but it still looks a bit thick. its all an experience I suppose, just a bit hacked off about wasting all that time on something which didn't turn out like I had hoped. Never mind, it gives me a chance to hopefully improve on it.
  6. looks pretty Unique @baldrick, if ya not happy then thats cool but i think it's pretty cool and different, tho agree about the blue a bit close . it,s not bad enough to use matt black to cover it up! Vote!
  7. Turbo fuel pump set up b12

    Where has people wired the fuel pump when turning as I don't want a switch Cheers for any pointers
  8. B12 turbo project

    I'm not sure new member probably have to load to YouTube and send a link
  9. My katana build

    Well done. Great looking bike
  10. Jetting for V&H Pipe on standard 1100

    it came with 112.5 mains and 45 pilots, I've removed the air box lid as well. I'm going to leave it as it is for now and get it back on the road and then maybe take it somewhere with a dyno once its road legal. its not 100% but its useable for now. Interesting about the 130 mains as on the website it said 122.5 which is what I've fitted, maybe that was for the US? or are there different V&H pipe specs maybe.
  11. TLs new clothes

    Scotland + got a great attitude with bikes + yi can paint - - gets a triple fae me - where in Scotland are you ps no laughing - got a lot of respect for those who give it a go - good on yi, even if its half baked its still better than a cheque book charlie
  12. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    How much shorter than stock are they ?
  13. TLs new clothes

    Try not to laugh, I know it looks shite. This was after 4 attempts at the crystal mask, and ive decided to sand the whole bloody thing back and start again.. I'm not happy with most of it, to be honest, but its only when the fineline comes off that I can see how crap the line work is and how the 2 blues on the tank should have been wider, and.....well I could go on, but heres a pic for you to all laugh at. At least the darkest blue looks ok crystal mask is in the bin, thrown there with vengeance. Next week, how to paint your bike matt black, from rattle cans
  14. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    Look at the V shaped cooler fitted to late Gsxr1000, they'd fit the front of your belly pan.
  15. My Slabby lives

    Hmm. The only home i found for mine because of the remote tank issue is the dirt bike. Now having 2nd thoughts. Last thing i need is a fuel leak in the middle of nowhere on the side of a hill inaccessible to the RAC. Think mine were 10 quid so probably same as yours
  16. Rgv VJ21

    Drilled the head off the seized bolt on the hugger and got the bastard out for once with my easy outs Torque arm cleaned up and painted,new swingarm bearings fitted after giving the arm a clean up.Its got some battle scars from footrests digging into it from its past life. Few clean up jobs tomorrow if my hangovers not to bad
  17. Two of four cylinder died

    I have got a new battery. Went to fire up and it just back fires out the exhaust. I let it sit for a moment. But the no results. Getting fuel. It sparked over for a second but than it backfired.
  18. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    Wanted to put a cooler below the other cooler but like you say, the forks are short and will hit the cooler, might have to get yokes stepped to make them longer.
  19. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    Even if I removed the catch tank and relocated it somewhere else or put a smaller 1 on, with already having an extra wide cooler fitted, putting a head cooler on the side of the extra wide cooler it would stick out too far.
  20. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    If those USD forks are shorter than stock, running one below the main cooler may present clearance issues.
  21. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    As I've said before. mount a head cooler bellow the existing oil cooler, like they did on the GSXr750rrk and just about every modern 1000cc sports bike.
  22. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    You could free up some space for a cooler by ditching the huge breather catch tank.
  23. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    Looking at the bike, if a head cooler is necessary then something else on the bike is going to need to be modified to allow this to happen. Either using a different headlight set up to allow for a cooler up front or using a conventional exhaust so an underseat cooler can be used could be the way to go here, but the seat unit may have to be changed too as it looks fairly small. As an alternative, maybe 2 coolers mounted longditudally, one either side of the bike, would work. Like the radiators on a Gurls blouse SP2 or some of the aftermarket Yoshimura coolers for GSXRs that went under the fairing.
  24. Bandit Head Cooler Help!!

    The reason I run a head cooler has nothing to do with oil life. It's all down to power. These engines use oil to cool the combustion chamber. cooler cylinder head the more compression and advance you can get away with. Even on my stock motor I see gains from the reduced heat soak around the inlets giving me a denser air fuel mix and more power.
  25. turbo setup questions

    Still doesn't make sense as every EFI system will pressurise the fuel system then turn off while cranking - the starter doesn't need the addition electrical load from the pump. As soon as a 'running state' is achieved the pump will turn on full time - whether it be internally regulated or after rail regulated with return. If it didn't, the fuel rail pressure would decay due to injectors pulsing - its why you can't keep an EFI system grinding away on the starter - eventually there would be no fuel pressure left in the rail!
  26. Jetting for V&H Pipe on standard 1100

    Just found my old V&H fitting instructions it say for GSX1100 80 to 83 remove Air box lid increase main jet to a 130 The pilot jet should be raised to a 47.5....
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