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  2. if its tatty then 1000 is too salty! you should be able to pick a ruff one up for around 500 mark , these models are starting to climb in price but they need to be in very good condition and low miles, weight will soon come off with all the over size bits like the rear frame that holds the number plate and indicators,etc, the four pot brakes are the better , pads are cheaper. as for wheelies they do that as standard. that are lighter then blandits for a start but can knock off another 20 to 30 kg if yer that keen. check my build thread. their is a few tips . where abouts are you?
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  4. Wierd air/fuel curve

    sounds like you need to adjust idle mix screws
  5. Swirl's Harris

    it could have been the "too stiff" rear suspension causing the issues on mine
  6. Swirl's Harris

    I don' know Yan but the r1 nose cone fixed to the yokes on my turbo b12 is alright so will have to wait & see with this one.
  7. Beat place to purchase a new wiring loom for Katana

    I know where theres one for about 100-150
  8. Yesterday
  9. gsx1428 streetable?

    83 and up 1100 had the big taper starter end but still had 18mm little end rod. 1150 has big taper 20mm little end rod and were welded from factory. Apart from that they are the same. 701 engine code 1150 had 8mm crankcase studs as the 1100 but 702 and 703 cases were changed to 9mm studs in the ctr of cases by oil filter. But that has noooooo relevance to the crank, just threw it out there for sngs.
  10. gsx1428 streetable?

    So what is specific to an EFE crank over a GSX1100ES crank (at least I think it's an ES engine as it had gear position sensor on it - but never did come to a definitive decision). Is it just the 20mm pin, or is the crank stronger etc?
  11. Swirl's Harris

    will the weight of the fairing on the yokes affect the handling at all? I done the same on my last bike, it tended to wiggle a bit once near 3 figures on full throttle
  12. Sumps

    Just checked them out on dabay us. 83 85 look short and thin. Saw one with pick up for around $25. Only one I got is for my short stroke 750 endurance project. Sorry.
  13. Swirl's Harris

    Was not happy with the engine position. Centerd it between the frame rails & tilted it backwards. Made some new lower back engin mounts still need to tidy them up, lot happier with it now. My dog Blue been helping again lol.
  14. 750 DOT engine

    There are two on eblag for £100, but both have been stud for quite some time (was thinking of them myself, but decided not). Seen them come up for less that £100 but most seem to be asking for around £250.
  15. Facet pump reiability

    Mine's has been running for 2 years now. I guess the pipework is overkill, but i've had no leaks since fitted those, and it looks good
  16. Wierd air/fuel curve

    After messing about with the carbs in september i noticed that bike doese'nt like starting with choke anymore. Usually when starting up cold engine i pulled the choke fully on and everything was like it should, the same when it was NA (revs rising and slowly backing off, til it was warm enough) Now it starts with choke but seems to flood the engine (afr gauge drops under 10:1) in few seconds and stalls, if i back off the choke, then the revs are too low and it stalls again. Only way to get it warmed up is to start with half choke and play with the throttle, same time closing the choke circuit. When its warm, then all is good. Cleaned the carbs, checked for leaks in needle valves, plugs all look the same color. Tried with fuel pump turned off, but nothing. I'm out of ideas. it can't be because i lowered the needle by two clips?
  17. Sumps

    @davecarathink ther are only 3 different dumps but not 100% sure on this, the slabby one b12 & 1127 whch are fitted to a lot of different models. Have discovered a 4th one today.
  18. Sumps

    Yeah it should do so long as I have the correct pick up with it. have you got one you want to part with?
  19. 750 DOT engine

    I just bought a teapot dot engine for 120 quid plus delivery. Ok it's not mint.
  20. 750 DOT engine

    Anyone know how much these are selling for nowadays??
  21. Sumps

    Would a 750f teapot 1993 -95 fit? They seem to have the deep area right in the middle and front exit oil lines. Don't know much about them swapping to other engines though.
  22. WCIF a n '86 slabby regulator unit (in the UK)?

    I managed to find a cheap 2nd hand alternator, so we'll see if that helps. Regarding readings, I can't remember exact figures but it was going over 15, but also dropping pretty low as well...
  23. Last week
  24. Sumps

    Maybe flatter is the wrong wording, I want to tuck my exhaust up a bit closer to the sump and the banjos on the bottom of mine are stopping that with the exhaust I’m using. I’ve just bought a new oil cooler set up that’s got lines for a front oiling sump. hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone here and spend the cash I would use for banjo fittings on a sump and pick up
  25. Sumps

    Flatter than a 1052 Dave ? 1127 has a lump in the middle b12 a lump to the left both front oiling but not flatter than the 1052.
  26. Sumps

    Wanting a flatter sump for my 1052, preferably with the oil cooler lines coming straight out the front. Whats the options?
  27. WCIF a n '86 slabby regulator unit (in the UK)?

    Share the readings.
  28. Finally!! The Wesimura is done apart fom___

    @Fjbj40 it's a bit chilly down here today 72degrees with a wind chill of 71 off for a blast to bike night to see the limeys who are in town after man cup in Valdosta.
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